Interior Designer Fashion: Work-Appropriate Outfits and Ideas


One of the best things about working in a creative industry is the outfit options. You can stay in your pyjamas all day, get dressed up nice and professional, or throw on something that reminds you of Professor Trelawney. I’m more of the PJs kind of person – I like to sleep in a tshirt and cotton running shorts, so it’s easily adaptable for a day around home. When I do feel like getting properly dressed, or dressing up, I aim for something a little more business-y. I love pairing corporate staples with fun and feminine items. My options are so varied that I never really have to worry! The only thing that’s important is good field wear, which usually will consist of a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of work boots or gumboots.

This lookbook can apply to so many different fields, but you should always remember to dress in items that make you feel confident and beautiful! If you’re low on budget, try to create a capsule wardrobe of neutral basics (blacks, whites, grays, navy and beige) and then add in accessories that reflect your personality. I like to mix up statement pieces and delicate jewellery depending on what I’m doing. The only thing I avoid is wearing items that could catch on something when I’m doing physical work.

When it comes to dressing for work, I like to start the same way I start with interior designs: a neutral base. This might be a crisp white shirt and pair of trousers, or it could be a pretty dress. Either way, I find the base pieces of my outfit and build around that. One of my favorite combinations is a comfortable pair of dark wash jeans, a light knit in a muted shade, and a comfortable tank underneath. That way, I can swap out the knit with a blazer, and switch my shoes between heels and flats if I need to change up my look. If you’ve seen my other lookbooks (fall and winter) then you’ll know I also love a good faux fur. Another neat way to show your personality is a sequin jacket or a cool scarf.

I love this outfit. The navy goes so well with the mauve of the handbag and heels, and the accessories are tasteful. The best thing about it is that you can have a completely different outfit on when you take the jacket off. This is perfect for those days where you don’t know if it will be warm or cool, and would be great for meeting with clients.

This is definitely a more formal look, and one that I’d wear to more corporate things such as meeting with lawyers, accountants, or investors. The white silk blouse is such a classic and timeless staple, everyone should have one in their closet no matter what field they’re in.

Fur! You knew it would make an appearance, admit it. This is a really great casual look for general work days. Jeans are comfy enough to wear around the house but acceptable to wear out if you have to run an errand. I’m also loving the bold statement necklace paired with the simple white jumper.

Another more formal, feminine look that I’d probably wear for client meetings. I like to meet clients over lunch or coffee, and this is casual enough to make them feel comfortable whilst still being professional. I really like the metallic sheen to the top, it adds a bit of pizazz to an otherwise monochrome outfit.

I absolutely adore this jacket and I want one in my life. A great statement jacket is an essential wardrobe piece, and this one is super darling with the hem. It combines casual with functional, and is a great way to add a bit of personality to a more formal look. It can also easily be paired with other things. I like the white dress in this image, and could easily imagine wearing the dress and jacket to a formal event.

The skirt suit is a corporate must. This is great for if you’re working with an agency or firm and the dress code is fairly strict. Every woman should incorporate suits into her wardrobe. This outfit is made a little more feminine and personal with the detailing of the shirt and the pocket square. If you prefer a more plain shirt, you could always add a fun scarf that can be removed for professional situations.

This lace blazer is a great play on a popular office staple. It would be a great choice for the warmer months, when you want to look professional but still feminine. I think this would look great over a simple black or gray dress, and paired with delicate jewellery and a good watch.

Ah, the baggy jumper. Such a lovely and yet underrated piece of clothing. With this, you can keep warm and comfortable working in private, and then switch it out for a chiffon shirt when you need to look a little more polished. This is a very student-friendly look, and I love the addition of pleather leggings. I do feel like this particular jumper may be slightly too big, but definitely consider adding one to your closet.

This look is feminine, polished, and sophisticated. Often, a tan trench can look a bit dowdy, but tailored to your shape and paired with feminine items, it can look spectacular. I would probably wear this to a dinner or networking event. It shows personality, while still being very tasteful. And the trench will keep you protected if it’s cold or rainy.

A colorful blazer will make anything look more professional. It’s a great piece to have if you’re studying and working, because you can simply throw it on over your class outfit, and switch out your comfy shoes for nicer ones. The bold color is another excellent choice, because it shows your personality whilst still retaining the refined aspect of the cut.

A bright shirt peeking out from under a soft jersey will always look lovely. This is an outfit that I would pair with some jeans for casual work around home, and running errands. The simple accessories can be removed when needed, and don’t overwhelm the simple sophistication of the outfit.

Similar to the image above, but definitely more feminine, this jumper and skirt combo is perfect for client meetings or working at home. You could even wear the jumper over a dress to create two completely different looks. I love the minimal bracelet paired with the statement necklace as well! Polka-dots aren’t really my thing; I’d probably choose a solid color over a pattern.

I like how flirty and feminine this outfit is. If you do sessions or consultations over Skype, this would be perfect. It can easily pair with a variety of different bottoms, and would be comfortable enough to wear for long working sessions. In this picture, Lauren Conrad is also sporting my favorite work hairstyle – the polished low pony. This is a very pretty way to keep your hair out of your face for when you’re sketching.

Soft neutrals and pastel shades are some of my favorite. There are times when I prefer a more edgy look, but these will always be my go-to work colors. They’re easily paired with jeans or trousers, and tend to go very well mixed together. Pinks, beiges, and whites are a great base to start from if you’re going for a girly and feminine look!

My only fashion rule is to wear what you feel. I never shy away from showing off my feminine side, and the same when it comes to my more edgy side. If I want to wear a pink tulle and sequin dress one day, then leather pants and dark colors the next day, I do! I encourage you to do the same. One of the reasons I started the House of Grace was to help others connect to their authentic selves, and learn how to express their personality in their homes and their lives. There’s nothing better than being able to live your life the way you want to, rather than what’s expected of you.

Be authentic, be honest, be true. You’ll find yourself much happier than when you’re trying to fit into the shapes that society has carved out for you.

Header image is via an unknown source, and all other images can be found on my Pinterest Couture board.

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