Fall fashion inspiration

When you live on opposite seasons from most of the world, you get to pick and choose from the best of the seasons trends without having to go for the tragic and terrible ones. Our New Zealand summer is still dragging on, and it’s still mostly shorts weather here, so I put together a collection of fall outfit inspirations to get me in a more cozy mood.


Adding a simple lightweight hoodie will keep you warm. Leopard print heels add a touch of finesse to a casual look! Unknown image source.

This dress brings a gorgeous pop of color to a month where everything is starting to get cloudy. You’ll coordinate with the beautiful browns and golds of the leaves. Another fur vest (an item I adore) and a floppy wide brim hat completes this simple but eyecatching look. Image via: Heartswoon, but items currently unavailable.


Thigh highs are perfect if you’re not really a tights girl. They keep you warm without covering up everything, which helps save you from the awkward pull-your-tights-up dance! A dusky orange scarf and leather gloves look simple and elegant with this outfit, and help pull together a classic and cozy look. Unknown image source.


Is there anything better than the combo of a leather jacket and a feminine outfit? This look, matched with a soft scarf, tights, and ankle boots, is absolutely perfect for Autumn. It gives you a bit of edge, but with the option of removing layers if you get too warm. Image via: Stylekick

Another version of the previous image, but paired with feminine florals and knee high boots for a girly and practical outfit. Image via: Kenza Zouiteng

I hope you enjoyed these looks and are as excited about colder weather as I am! Sweater seasons are definitely my favourite. Remember to keep warm, and wear practical shoes!

Love, Vanessa.

What are some of your colder month wardrobe staples? 


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