My Design Style and Inspiration: Modern, minimal, feminine. It's taken me years to find the perfect style balance - here's a peek into what it looks like!

My Design Style and Inspiration


Finding my personal design style was a long process, and it took a lot of surprising turns. As I’ve grown older, my tastes have come to favour a refined and neutral palette, with touches of luxury and impeccable details. If you’re interested in seeing a few images that showcase design touches I love, keep reading!

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Office and Craft Room Storage Solutions - From dedicated spaces to small corners, here are some potential solutions to your organising woes.

Office and Craft Room Storage Solutions

Raise your hand if you keep craft supplies in an old shoebox! I keep mine tucked away in the box that my laptop came in… as well as in my desk, a plastic storage box in my wardrobe, a drawer in my media cabinet, and I know that there’s some lost in my laundry room too! I’m not lucky enough to have a dedicated office space, so a girl’s gotta make do. However, there are some clever ways you can organise your office and craft supplies to make the best out of what space you have!
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Brunch Buffet and Food Inspiration - Here's a post about the only meal where dessert during the day is acceptable.

Brunch Buffet and Food Inspiration


Brunch: a somewhat intimidating, actually simple meal slash event where no one knows you’ve already had breakfast. Film and TV have portrayed brunch as a super fancy event that only rich people with caterers hold. It’s actually far more simple than that! A mix of breakfast and lunch foods, items that are mini or stuck on skewers, and you have a meal that’s varied, delicious, and social! Today I’m sharing with you some tips and beautiful inspiration images to encourage you to host your own brunch.
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I Heart Humphrey Munson - If there was ever a kitchen design firm that I loved more, it has now been stomped to death by HM.

I Heart Humphrey Munson


If it isn’t obvious how much I love a good kitchen, then I’m doing something wrong. I came across bespoke¬†kitchen design firm Humphrey Munson on Instagram, and have been ‘liking’ every single picture of theirs that comes up on my feed. This¬†was going to be a pantry organisation post, but I kept adding pictures by Humphrey Munson so I decided that I needed to do a dedicate post just for their stunning kitchens!Read More »