Brunch Buffet and Food Inspiration - Here's a post about the only meal where dessert during the day is acceptable.

Brunch Buffet and Food Inspiration


Brunch: a somewhat intimidating, actually simple meal slash event where no one knows you’ve already had breakfast. Film and TV have portrayed brunch as a super fancy event that only rich people with caterers hold. It’s actually far more simple than that! A mix of breakfast and lunch foods, items that are mini or stuck on skewers, and you have a meal that’s varied, delicious, and social! Today I’m sharing with you some tips and beautiful inspiration images to encourage you to host your own brunch.
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I Heart Humphrey Munson - If there was ever a kitchen design firm that I loved more, it has now been stomped to death by HM.

I Heart Humphrey Munson


If it isn’t obvious how much I love a good kitchen, then I’m doing something wrong. I came across bespoke¬†kitchen design firm Humphrey Munson on Instagram, and have been ‘liking’ every single picture of theirs that comes up on my feed. This¬†was going to be a pantry organisation post, but I kept adding pictures by Humphrey Munson so I decided that I needed to do a dedicate post just for their stunning kitchens!Read More »

Dream Apartment Inspiration - I've wanted an apartment all to myself for years and years. Here's what I imagine it would look like!

Dream Apartment Inspiration


My dream apartment and my dream house couldn’t be more different from each other. I want my house to be sophisticated and light, and my apartment to be moody and sleek. I’ve always loved the idea of an apartment, and I thought today would be a good day to share with you some of my inspirations. It’s definitely still fairly minimal, and my grey and white colour schemes are in play!Read More »

Wardrobe Goals - From whimsical & feminine, to business chic, to edgy glam!

Wardrobe Goals


It took me such a long time to pull this post together that I’ve ended up posting it a day late! When it comes to defining what I want my future wardrobe to look like, I always have so much trouble. My personal style swings on a huge spectrum depending on my mood: sometimes I want something soft and girly, sometimes I want a more edgy feel. I tried to gather pieces that showcase styles I love the most, so I can put it all in one post and use it as a guideline for future shopping!Read More »