How to Cultivate Hotel Style at Home - Bringing hotel chic to your home is easier than you think it is. Here's some tips.

How to Cultivate Hotel Style at Home


When you’re looking for luxury inspiration, hotels tend to be a good resource. Luxury hotel bedrooms are more than just a space, they’re an experience. From beautiful artwork to high quality linens and pampering touches, hotel rooms are the perfect starting point to building your own relaxing and luxurious space. In todays post I’m sharing a few tips on how to get started in different areas of your own home.
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Organization Soulmate: The Home Edit - Nashville based organizational company The Home Edit is the definition of goals.

Organization Soulmate: The Home Edit


Organizational soulmates are a thing, and I found mine on the Instagram of Nashville based The Home Edit, whose organization and styling skills are ultimate goals. Somehow, the dynamic duo of (talented tidy-uppers) Clea and Joanna at The Home Edit manage to turn each space into a beautiful and functional area, and I always reference their ideas whenever I have an organizational project of my own. I’m sharing some of their awesome Instagram photos today, and I hope you get as inspired as I do!
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Bathroom Styling and Organisation - These bathrooms clear the clutter and display essential items beautifully!

Bathroom Styling and Organisation

Bathroom Styling and Organisation - These bathrooms clear the clutter and display essential items beautifully!

With so many different and conflicting design ‘rules’, it can be hard to narrow down just what advice you need to follow in order to create your dream space. When it comes to bathroom styling, I know I’m not the only one who’s sick of the mismatched clutter and product piles. Start by clearing it all out – and then maybe some of my following tips can help you style your own space. Read More »

Unexpected Busyness May Cause Delays

In place of a regular blog post, I am writing a note to explain why I’ve missed a couple of days and have been spotty in my posting over the last month. I’ve been struggling with a bit of exhaustion lately and have spent most of my time trying not to fall asleep when I don’t have something that desperately needs to be done. I’m really sorry that it’s been affecting my blogging, and I promise that I will try harder to get blog posts written and posted!

I’ve also been quite busy lately, with an unexpected trip halfway across the island and a visit from my dad, as well as my mum being on holiday. These ones are not excuses, just a little update!

Now for better news: this month on the blog you’ll be seeing a few posts about styling, as well as some summer fashion inspiration, and a shop-with-me post! I’m really looking forward to these posts, so I hope you are too.

Thank you for sticking with me through the struggle!


Kitchens With Beautiful Black Details - From all black everything to just a touch of colour, this is a design choice that adds instant impact.

Kitchens With Beautiful Black Details


Black in your kitchen can be a spectacular design choice that works surprisingly well. Black kitchens are often sleek and modern, and since black goes with almost every colour it’s a perfect choice for people who like bold spaces that can be changed up easily. My dream kitchen is a black one, and I plan on accenting it with lots of natural wood, copper and silver, and marble touches. If you think black kitchens might be your thing, have a look at the ones below!
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Designer of the Month: Alexander James Interiors - Love an unexpected modern twist to your traditional homes? Check these out.

Designer of the Month: Alexander James Interiors


Alexander James Interiors is a London-based interior design company that designs beautifully elevated traditional homes, always with a pop of unexpected whimsy. I’m not usually a fan of this particular style, but somehow it seems to work so well. English homes are often older and the modern touches with furniture, materials, and artwork that Alexander James Interiors adds blend together to create truly unique spaces that are well worth a look. Here are some of my favourites.Read More »