14 Examples of Indoor Water Features


Water features are cool. They humidify the air around them, the bubbling sound is relaxing, and you can put fish in them. You can get tiny little desktop ones, or huge wall-sized waterfalls. Some have buddhas in them, some are in the shape of lions heads. No matter what kind of interior style you have, there is an indoor water feature out there that will look amazing in it. I’m also in love with outdoor water features as well! Water is very soothing, and helps to promote peace and creativity. I’ve wanted one for such a long time, but there’s nowhere for it to go that my kitty won’t get into it. Instead, I’m sharing with you 14 really cool indoor water feature examples, and at the end of this post you can shop some of my water feature picks.

Important things to know

Water features require regular cleaning. Algae and bacteria can grow quickly. And if you haven’t used distilled water, then mineral deposits can build up on your vessel and pump. Once a month, take it apart and give it a proper clean. Wash any decorative items like stones before you put them back in. Use a gentle cleaner like mild liquid dish soap, as bleach and other abrasive cleaners can cause erosion.

You will need to place it near electricity. The water features in this post are all large and built in, so they’ll have special wiring. For smaller, portable water features, you’ll need to place them near a power outlet in order to plug in the pump. Water and electricity don’t mix very well, so be careful when you’re plugging them in and keep the entire thing out of reach of children and pets if possible.

You probably don’t need an expert installer. Unless you’re going for one of the features below, then it won’t be that hard to build. Most water features for self-installation will come with instructions, and reading up a bit on the internet is a good idea. You’ll just need to make sure that it’s in the right spot, and nothing will get damaged by potential spray.

This is not the case for wall-mounted fountains. You will need to get someone who knows what they’re doing to come in and assess whether or not your walls will be strong enough. Water is heavy! The last thing you want is the whole thing crashing down and flooding your space.

You will need to monitor water levels. In dryer areas, you may need to be adding water every day! Evaporation happens no matter where you are – unless you’re somewhere that ice is more of a concern. If your water levels drop too low, your pump may burn out. So keep an eye on your levels, and ask a friend or relative to pop by and check if you’re going on holiday.

You may want something more functional. The idea of a water feature appeals to you, but it seems a little too decorative when you start getting into ones that tip or light up. This is where your bathroom comes in handy. Install a shaped sink (1, 2, 3), or some super cool tapware (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). There are lots of different kinds out there, that look good but are practical. You won’t have to give up your minimalist scheme at all! The added benefit is that you can turn off tapware when you’re done, rather than having to run a water feature 24/7.

Okay, that last one was a swimming pool, but the waterfall is still totally awesome!

Shop my indoor water feature picks:

  1. Verdigris slate vertical waterfall
  2. Kenroy Home Kenai floor fountain
  3. Kenroy Home Bliss table fountain
  4. Sunnydaze tiered rock and log fountain
  5. Yosemite Home Decor single headed fountain
  6. Kenroy Home Regal wall fountain
  7. Koolekoo eternal steps fountain
  8. Bluworld double Nojoqui falls
  9. Bluworld Moonshadow tabletop fountain
  10. Alpine Fountains Eternity Pouring Water on Steps fountain

A water feature is like the real life version of rainy mood. They’re perfect for office settings, or for students who are studying for finals. Not only are they calming and humidifying, but they also act as a white noise to help block out distracting sounds. You can even place them in a space you’ve carved out as a zen zone, to create focus for yoga or meditation. Just be careful that your cat doesn’t drink out of it!

The image used in the header background is by Alan Mascord Design Associates.

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