10 Cocktails to Try

10 Cocktails to Try

Those who know me well are aware that I’m not a big drinker. In fact, the only time that I drink alcohol is when someone offers to buy me something while we’re out, and an occasional glass of wine or champagne at a celebration. I prefer a neat whiskey over beer, and have had a bottle of red wine in the bottom of the pantry for several years. However, I do hold an appreciation for the art of the cocktail, so I thought I’d do a roundup of some of my favorites and some that I’d like to try. Enjoy!

Blushing whiskey sour

photo via: kleinworth & co

A pretty and light whiskey cocktail, with lemon and blackberries!

Caramel cheesecake martini

photo via: happy food, healthy life

It’s a drink?? It’s a cheesecake?? It has graham crackers?? What’s not to like!! Can you tell I am very excited by the thought of alcohol dessert

Apple pie on the rocks

cocktail, beverage, alcohol

photo via: vegan yack attack

This is also a dessert beverage. I love apple pie, and this combines my two favorite spirits – vodka and whiskey! It also has a brown sugar rim, which sounds delicious. I wonder if it actually tastes like apple pie?

Blackberry thyme sparkler

alcohol, beverage, cocktail

photo via: the effortless chic

You all know that I’m a fan of anything with the word “sparkle” in it, and this is such a pretty drink that I absolutely had to include it. This also has champagne in it, which makes it fancy and classy when presenting it to your friends.

Tangerine sorbet champagne float

photo via: completely delicious

Although I’m not sure that this really counts as a cocktail, but the combination of champagne, citrus, and sorbet sounds really yummy. This would be great served at the end of a summer alfresco dinner.

Raspberry limoncello prosecco

photo via: damn delicious

Even the name sounds yummy! This is a perfect refreshing drink to enjoy with a late lunch, or a Sunday brunch, and it’s such a pretty color.

Blueberry mojito

photo via: the novice chef

I am not really big on rum, but I am big on anything that includes club soda and blueberries. This is really cute served in a mason jar. Remember to keep extra blueberries at hand for nibbling on!

Classic gin fizz

photo via: inspired taste

This is a drink that I had to add as a shout out to one of my best friends. Gin prefers vodka to gin, but this is a quick and fresh fizzy cocktail that is sure to please even the pickiest of drinkers.

Magic Perrier

photo via: perrier

This is the most simple drink on the list, and the only virgin cocktail that I thought was spectacular enough to add. Although I have doubts that it will turn out as pretty as this picture, just pour Perrier sparkling mineral water over a handful of candy floss for a beautiful and youth-friendly drink.

Tiffany blue cosmopolitan

photo via: host the toast

Very simple, and a stunning color, this cosmopolitan is perfect for a girls night or a bridal shower. I think this is the cutest drink, and who doesn’t like to feel like they may be drinking radioactive material? I hope you alcohol-explorers out there enjoyed this round up as much as I did! Remember to always drink in moderation, and never drink and drive!

Love, Vanessa.

Tell me your favorite drink of all time – alcoholic or not!


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