Dream House: Master Closet Ideas - Looking for something to do while you're bored? Sounds like it's time to plan your dream closet!

Dream House: Master Closet Ideas



Possibly my favourite thing to daydream design is my dream house master suite. Today I was browsing closets on Houzz and Pinterest, and I scrapped my current days post in order to share with you some of the inspirational images I’ve got saved for my dream closet! It’s going to feature a lot of white, crystal drawer knobs, big windows, and at least one comfy place to sit while I’m getting dressed.







master closet

Note: Imagine this layout, but in white!





I’m contemplating going two levels a la Chanel Oberlin, but I’m not sure yet! It would be beautiful, and I could put in a glass ceiling feature to let light in. I definitely am going to add a ladder, probably one that can slide away somewhere hidden. I don’t want to waste any space in my precious closet, so I need to get to higher shelves.


Header image is via Brooks & Falotico. Other images are available via my Wardrobes & Closets Pinterest board.




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