Clever Accessories to Amp Up Your Closet - Turn your closet from basic to boutique with smart closet accessories.

Clever Accessories to Amp Up Your Closet

transitional-closet (1)

There’s a huge market for neat little additions to closets these days, and there’s so many great things that you can add to your closet design. Gone are the days where ‘closet accessory’ meant a collapsable cube system for storing your sweaters – think hidden hampers, pull out valet hooks, even drawers specifically created to store your jewellery and accessories. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite additions for you; hopefully you’ll find something you never thought of before!

A hide-away ironing board

Property Makeover: Cromer

A slide out rack for scarves and belts

Closet Accessories

A ladder that you can slide across

Blue Jay

A vanity area – with Hollywood lights

Refurbishing in Chelsea

A narrow scarf organiser

The London Loft Closet

Dividers for purses, wallets, and clutches

The Beach Closet

Custom dividers for your delicates

The Beach Closet

A giant tri-fold mirror

Traditional Closet

Lighting over your clothes

Nicchia Open Wardrobe

A hidden laundry hamper

Hidden Hills Beauty

Pull down rails to take advantage of vertical space

Closet Accessories

Custom organisers for your sunglasses and accessories

A safe – maybe just a little one?

Master Closet with Walk in Safe

A slacks rack to prevent creasing and crimping

Vibo trouser holder

A dedicated washer and drier

Winderemere Lake Davis

I know a lot of these are going to go in my dream closet. Having good organisation is really important in your wardrobe, and there are plenty of easy options to suit your needs. My favourite of these items is the safe hidden behind the mirror. It’s a great place to store your valuables, and your more expensive shoes! Another thing I’m definitely going to add is dress forms, to showcase some of my more intricate clothing pieces.


Featured image is via Burnham Design.


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