How to Use A Statement Piece in Your Home Decor

A statement piece is something that anchors a room, providing a guide to style the rest of your decor around. Bold and eye-catching, they make an incredible feature and a great talking point when you have people over. It’s good to have at least one statement piece in your home. Choose something that you really admire and can see yourself living with for the long haul. For me, I love statement chairs and mirrors, and especially adore statement lighting. Today’s post is a collection of chic and glamorous spaces that highlight fantastic ways to use statement pieces in your home.

What is a statement piece?

Anything bold and daring can be classed as a statement piece – color, furniture, artwork, and even lighting. It’s something that adds personality and character to a space, just by being so attention-drawing and unique. If you’re looking to add a statement piece, make sure that it is something that truly reflects who you are, because it’s the main thing people will remember about your home.

You can bring in a statement piece to an already decorated space, to enhance your current decor. It could be something as simple as adding a striking piece of artwork over a simple tablescape. In contrast, you can use a statement piece as the inspiration for your decor, pulling colors and textures from it to create the room around it. Choosing a statement piece should require a lot of thought – but if you really love something, there will be a way to make it work.


When using a statement color like this bold black, use neutral elements around it. If you try to combine too many different factors, your original statement can get overwhelmed and lost in the chaos. In addition, too many statement colors can be competitive, and no one will know where to look.


With wallpaper, try to contain it to one wall, or split the wall with a plain color. Another unique way to use statement wallpaper is inside of closets or on ceilings. If you’re not sure wallpaper is for you, try a temporary wallpaper – you can take it down easily if you hate it. Some of my favorites are from Graham & Brown, Tempaper, and Sherwin-Williams.


This piece is absolutely incredible; a mirror, a clock, and artwork all in one. The size is the major statement factor, because it’s so unique and not something you’ll find hanging out in most houses. If you’re deciding to use an actual piece of art, try incorporating colors or patterns in the rest of your decor to ground the design.


In a room that’s often simple and quiet, a statement headboard can be a functional yet amazing decor piece. You could use a traditional piece – something tufted or intricately carved; or a unique piece – such as this room divider or a hanging tapestry. Another trend I really love is using a piece of live-edge wood as a headboard.


Rugs are probably the most versatile and easily-changeable statement pieces you can use. You can change them out with the seasons or with your changing moods. I’m a tried-and-true fluffy or silk rug kind of girl, but I can appreciate something with a bold pattern or vibrant color. I always suggest a good rug as a statement piece experiment. Just make sure that it holds up to your lifestyle!


There are three main ways to style a statement mirror: hang it over something you can dress, make it oversized, or choose an interesting frame. My favorite option is to lean an oversized and detailed floor mirror against a wall; followed by over a dresser, sink, sideboard, or mantel, that I can dress with accent items. Another simpler statement mirror is a lighted vanity mirror, like this ones by Illuminated Mirrors.


These chairs are amazing. It’s such a bright statement against a neutral background, and it feels very cohesive despite the uniqueness of the color. I love how they’ve used four chairs here but if that’s a bit too intense for you, try using one boldly colored chair (or boldly patterned one) in your living space. I’m also a big fan of using a statement chair in the bedroom; something that’s comfortable and reflects your personality.

Armoires and Sideboards

One of the easiest ways to elevate a simple piece into a statement piece is to put a bright color on it. This chest of drawers takes it a step further by also using lacquer for added shine, and gold drawer pulls. Red items tend to have an oriental feel to them, and work very well in spaces inspired by world travels. This would be an easy piece to use an an anchor for a room, using accessories of the same feel to style it.


If you’ve read my post on chandeliers, you know how much I absolutely adore statement lighting. In this particular image, the light fixture also serves to draw the eye upward and create the illusion of higher ceilings. When it comes to statement lighting, I always try to find accent pieces of the same colors or materials to help it blend with the rest of the room. This type of lighting also works best in a minimally furnished space so it doesn’t overwhelm.

Something Wild

The most basic statement piece is something completely out of the box, like this gigantic resin and silver rearing horse statue. These kinds of pieces are something that you can go absolutely crazy on. Make it big, make it bold, make it something that you honestly love and is so unexpected that even you are awed by it. Try an electric pink piano, or a bookshelf that looks like it’s melting off of the walls. You can always get rid of it if you absolutely hate it, but a statement piece is something that can (and should!) make people speechless.

What kind of statement pieces do you have in your home? I don’t really have anything statement at the moment, but I am a true lover of simple and sophisticated interiors. If you want to read more on how to use a statement piece, Elle Decor has a great article with 9 different tips that I actually keep bookmarked to refer to! Just remember the House of Grace motto, coined by the flawless Bunny Williams: “If you love something, it will work.”


Header image is by Digs Design Company.

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