The Importance of Gender Neutral Nurseries


From the moment a child is born, they are learning. They absorb the environment around them – smells, sounds, tastes. And from the moment they are born, they’re subjected to an almost strict set of rules regarding what they are and are not allowed to like. Although great strides have been made recently towards making toys accessible to all genders of children, it’s an instinct that is ingrained in adults, because we were taught that certain things were boy things and others were girl things. But toys and colors shouldn’t be restricted to a particular gender. Today’s post is a showcase of some beautiful gender neutral nurseries that will hopefully inspire you to teach your child that they are allowed to love whatever they choose.

One of the best things about gender neutral nurseries is that you can easily change out the decor as your child grows, or if you have a new one moving in. I recommend starting with a neutral base of gray, white, or beige. Another option is to choose a theme, like flying or safari. Most of these pieces will come in neutral colors and finishes. The most important thing to remember is that your child will love their space, because it is a space that they share with you.

So don’t listen to people who say that a girl should have a princess room over a safari room! Or that a boy should have a sports room over a garden room. The most wonderful gift that we can give to children is permission to love the world that they are experiencing – to help them learn and grow into incredible people who understand that blue and pink shouldn’t be segregated by gender.


PS: My favorite home furnishing pieces for children’s rooms come from RH Baby and Child.
Featured image is via Studio Munroe.


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