25 Stunning Examples of Chandeliers

Debra Villeneuve Interiors

It will come as absolutely no surprise that chandeliers are my favourite lighting fixture. How could they not be? Chandeliers are beautiful, functional, and more importantly can be designed to fit into any type of interior that you may have. From delicate crystal-bedecked chandeliers, to stark and bold architectural ones, there is a chandelier out there for everyone. Although perhaps not for people who can’t stand cleaning – because of their intricate nature, chandeliers can be more difficult than other light sources to clean.

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a home. It can literally make or break a space. If you don’t have the proper lighting, the feel of the entire room can be thrown off. Bad lighting can cause you physical strain (ie: inadequate task lighting), and can even alter your mood (source). It’s well worth the effort to speak to a lighting specialist, who can help you choose proper lighting for your space, and sometimes will even draw a lighting plan that you can give to your electrician.

My number one rule when it comes to choosing furnishings and accessories for your home is to never buy something that doesn’t make you happy. So keep reading to see some fantastic examples of how people are using chandeliers in their own homes!

Not only is lighting a functional aspect, but it’s also an aesthetic aspect as well. If you don’t love the way that a light looks in your space, you’re going to find yourself disappointed each time you enter the room. With the rise of popularity in the home decor industry, availability to beautiful and effective lighting is easier than ever. I recommend using Houzz as a resource for light shopping. Their vast product section enables you to gather ideas or even decide on and purchase a light while you’re in the space you want it to be in.


The best part about chandeliers in your bedroom is that you can even choose ones that other people hate, and no one will judge you – because why are they in your bedroom in the first place? My favorites of the bedroom images are the second and fifth ones. I love a little bit of drama, and these not only add a sparkling interest to the room but they also compliment the style of the design.

living, kitchen, and dining spaces

This is the biggest photo category, and it’s almost entirely of dining rooms. Dining areas are the best places to use chandeliers, so if you only want one in your home, choose to put it over your dining table. A good chandelier is a conversation starter, and will look especially pretty if you dim it for dinner parties. The standard height for lighting over a dining table is 30 inches, but if you don’t like it at that height you can always adjust it.

When it comes to chandeliers in the kitchen, leave enough space between the light fixture and surfaces to avoid any food splashes, heat sources, or bumping your head on the light.

misc spaces

I’m a big fan of chandeliers in the bathroom, but I know that there are a lot of people who think that it’s impractical and peculiar. I adore using gorgeous chandeliers over top of bathtubs, or simple ones over vanities as a visual statement.

Double-story chandeliers can be extremely expensive – but well worth the cost if you can afford it. Not only will the size of it emphasise the height of your ceilings, but it will also help light up the second level. I chose pictures of a simple, and a dramatic light fixture to highlight the fact that any chandelier is a beautiful chandelier when it helps to connect two levels together.

Another great place to have chandeliers are in children’s bedrooms or nurseries. You’ll want to hang them high enough that children can’t reach them, and probably choose a more durable version in case of high-flung toys. The chandelier in this picture is very simple and understated, but there are some great brightly coloured ones to help add a pop of colour to a children’s space!

My personal favourite chandeliers are the Brillare and Circeo collections from ELK Lighting. I love the way they mix delicate details with feminine touches. They’re a little bit fairytale, and so pretty.

Don’t forget that the best way to light a space is to utilise a range of different lights. Task lighting like lamps are very important, and having dimmer switches means that you can change the room’s mood from practical to intimate. Luckily, finding lighting that is cohesive with each other and the space is fairly easy, and you can always customise your lamps to match your chandelier!

Nothing beats natural light, but chandeliers are a close second in my book!


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