What is Modern Industrial?


It surprises some people that I have such a love of industrial spaces, seeing as my tastes tend to lean towards elegant and delicate interiors. But industrial spaces have so much potential for energy and design that I can’t help but love them! There are so many different ways that you can decorate an industrial space – whether you like sleek and modern interiors or rustic and unfinished ones! In this post, I’m going to share with you some examples of modern industrial spaces, and ways that you can incorporate aspects of this style in your own home.

Oversized black and white art can add stark glamour to an industrial space, especially if the walls are clean and white. Industrial spaces often have high ceilings, so take advantage of the large amount of wall space.

Sheer white curtains will always soften a harsher space, but if you live in a city you’ll need to invest in blackout shades to keep the light pollution down. You can also use sheer curtains to separate areas in an open floor plan.

Feminine aspects like this glamorous chandelier and sleek bathtub will help bring modernity to an industrial space. The large unframed mirrors add a touch of both modern and industrial style to the room as well.

Softer wall colors will help to highlight the metal-work on industrial windows, and I love the use of the mirrors in this space. The accessories also tie into the windows, and the plush rug means no cold feet in the morning.

A lot of industrial spaces will only have bare concrete flooring, so I suggest covering it with hardwood. If you can’t afford it, you can always have the concrete polished for a touch of gleam. Upholstered furniture and white linens will also look extra crisp and modern in an industrial space.

To help showcase the architectural aspects of an industrial space, choose sleek and minimal furniture. The contrast is actually really complementary, and will always look stunning and fresh. To soften it up a little, you can always add richly colored textiles and wall paint.

One of the best things about industrial spaces is the massive amount of natural light that they get, so highlight this with a crisp white color scheme. Whether you choose to only paint the walls white or go full all white everything, it’s going to look amazing.

Stainless steel appliances and sleek countertops will make any space look modern, but it will look extra cool contrasting with metals that have patina, like the beams in the photo above. Or, you could go for a cool black oven and a stainless steel backsplash.

Utilize glass or acrylic pieces as a modern low visual impact design accessory. I especially love frosted glass walls in industrial spaces, because it means you can close an area off without losing any of the open atmosphere. You’ll also be able to bring light into places that may be cut off from the windows.

Take advantage of ceiling heights to choose a really cool lighting fixture. You’ve got the space to really go for it, and almost any kind will work. There are some types of lighting fixtures that just won’t work in spaces other than industrial, so get something large and glamorous – or a really cool architectural style.

I could probably go on about modern industrial spaces for the rest of my life. To me, the way that exposed steel and brickwork looks is just so beautiful! Bonus tip: If you don’t live in an industrial space and want it to feel like you do, try investing in patterned wallpaper such as this brick one or this concrete one, and get Edison bulbs!

Header image was found on Style Me Pretty.


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