Pinterest Kitchens Lately - My love of kitchens knows no bounds. Head to the post for one seriously cool kitchen tool!

Pinterest Kitchens Lately

One of the things that inspires me most when it comes to kitchens is all of the clever and unique designs and features that show up almost every day. From hidden knife blocks, to hidden islands, I love looking for new and inspiring things to save to my Pinterest. My kitchen board is one of my fullest boards on Pinterest, and today I’m sharing with you 15 images to help you see why!


This supremely awesome storage¬†cabinet earned a spot in the line up as well as the featured image! This is the kitchen tool cabinet by Bulthaup, and it is a serious game changer. It stores all your kitchen necessities, and if you don’t put in your appliances and pots, there’s even room to put in food. I was stunned by how much storage Bulthaup has managed to put in such a simple cupboard. If you need some quality and flexible kitchen storage, this is definitely your answer.


Sadly, this post was not sponsored by anyone, I just love sharing the coolest new kitchen discoveries that I’ve made!¬†I absolutely love clever and custom kitchen storage, and beautiful kitchen spaces make me so happy. I hope this post made you happy too!



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