Office and Craft Room Storage Solutions - From dedicated spaces to small corners, here are some potential solutions to your organising woes.

Office and Craft Room Storage Solutions

Raise your hand if you keep craft supplies in an old shoebox! I keep mine tucked away in the box that my laptop came in… as well as in my desk, a plastic storage box in my wardrobe, a drawer in my media cabinet, and I know that there’s some lost in my laundry room too! I’m not lucky enough to have a dedicated office space, so a girl’s gotta make do. However, there are some clever ways you can organise your office and craft supplies to make the best out of what space you have!


Opt for customisable storage where you can – like this space from Simply Organised. Something easy to install and move around is perfect for adapting to different storage needs. There are plenty of customisable options on the market, so shop around to find out what works best for you.


Keep your most used items in a place where you can get to them easily. I love these wall hung baskets – everything is within reach, but it’s not taking up valuable counter space. This is a good place to store planners, thank you notes and notecards, and notepads that you grab to scribble ideas in.


I hate storing things like wrapping paper, craft paper, and other big rolls of things. A beautiful basket keeps everything contained and upright, and is also a great idea for holding things like blueprints or design schematics.


Current projects and important documents should be stored in a place where you aren’t going to misplace something vital. This acrylic file box is perfect. It can hold a range of different things – from bills that need to be paid, to cut out pictures from magazines. Plus, it’s going to look really chic on your desk.


I mostly see acrylic drawers used to store make up, but they’re an incredible storage solution for so many office and craft things. Washi tape, pens and markers, ribbon, envelopes, scrap paper – whatever you need to store! The acrylic lets you see what you’ve got, which is why I love this option.


IKEA is a fantastic option for cheap storage. I like the idea of using the six-drawer unit to store current projects. Each project gets a drawer, and it’s easy to just pop something into the right place when you don’t need it. These drawers are also good for storing paper, stickers, other crafting bits, and your office snack supply.


Si of French By Design shared this beautiful jar that she uses for her bucket list. I think it would make for such a chic way to store project ideas! Use some pretty paper to write out your ideas, and pull out a note whenever you get bored.


You probably already have the supplies to make these DIY storage boxes that Jen from I Heart Organising┬ámade for her master bedroom. These are completely customisable boxes, and they’re great for storing things that are ugly or that get out of control. I’d love them in grey and white, with pretty calligraphy labels!


“Amy, those are spice jars!” Yes. Yes, they are. The kitchen department at your local store probably has some of the best storage options for your craft room. This beautiful spice display can easily be turned into storage for glitter, beads, spools of thread, and things you don’t need a lot of (like spare hair ties!).


Got extra files? Or kids? This bench from Build Basic can double as either a filing system, or a great place to store kids craft supplies and projects. Give each kid their own space, and you’ll keep your supplies clear as well as give them a little independence. The top can be used as a crafting table, and the inside can store old projects, school paperwork, and children’s art supplies.


For those of you with the space and the money, consider adding build in storage. This is a hallway linen closet, but it would be brilliant for storing craft and office supplies. Plenty of drawers make it easy to separate different items, and the frosted glass doors on the cabinets lets you hide away any mess!

Pinterest is probably my favourite source for organisation inspiration, but YouTube has some great craft room and office tours that let you see how people use their spaces in real life. Office and craft room tours are some of my favourite videos to watch – they’re only slightly defeated by makeup collections!

My best tip for organising these spaces is to sit down and write out everything you have. Once you have an idea of what you’ve got, you can purge any items that you don’t need or want anymore, and figure out how you want to organise the rest. Always do this before you buy any storage items – otherwise you’ll end up with the wrong things!


Head over to my Pinterest to see more organising and design inspiration!


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