15 Lovely Bathroom Vanities - Tired of your old, ugly, lacking in storage bathroom vanity? Here are 15 options to inspire a change!

15 Lovely Bathroom Vanities


One tough choice to make in bathroom design is choosing a vanity unit. Do you opt for something statement? More storage? Simple? Dramatic? There are so many different options readily available, and it’s even easy to design something yourself and have it custom made. For those of us suffering with ugly-unfunctional-vanity-syndrome, here are 15 really nice vanities to inspire you to change your ways!
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The Black Window Trend - Not sure how you feel about black windows? This post will make up your mind.

The Black Window Trend


I really love the black window trend. Although it’s a traditionally industrial feature, it has steadily moved in popularity and now you can see it on just about any home you come across. Black is typically a ‘disappearing’ colour, but it’s so perfect for window framing – especially if you have a view! Not sure what your take on it is? Have a look below the cut and find out!
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House Tour: Silver Palm Residence by Beres Design Group - This tropical exterior hides beautiful neutral rooms. Take a peek!

House Tour: Silver Palm Residence by Beres Design Group


Bright blue is not an exterior colour one would immediately think of, but this Florida residence carries it perfectly. You may be thinking, “what is a blue house doing on a blog like this?” but the interiors are beautifully neutral and transitional. I really like how the blue exterior contrasts with the neutral interior. First impressions matter, but second ones stick!Read More »

Stunning Installations by Joy-Chou Yi - How do designers like Joy-Chou Yi capture such beauty with their work?

Stunning Installations by Joy-Chou Yi


Lately I have discovered the most beautiful installations and spaces by designer Joy-Chou Yi. These are spaces that have absolutely taken my breath away – which doesn’t happen all that often. Joy-Chou has used a mix of natural materials and sculptural technique that I’ve found so stunning. There’s something almost regal about it, and I hope you find them just as captivating as I do.Read More »

Home Theatre vs Home Gym - Opposite ends of the spectrum; which would you have in your home?

Home Theatre vs Home Gym


When it comes to luxury additions, theatres and gyms tend to range in the top five of any list. Both can be achieved if you have the space, but sometimes you have to pick which one you really want to bring into your home. A place of well-being and fitness, or a space to hang out with friends and family? To help you decide, I pulled together some beautiful theatres and gyms!Read More »

Simple, Minimal Kitchens - A blank slate and a clean surface is exactly what I need in a kitchen.

Simple, Minimal Kitchens

Simple, Minimal Kitchens - A blank slate and a clean surface is exactly what I need in a kitchen.

When it comes to kitchens, I really love light and minimal spaces. I’m a messy cook, so it’s important to me to be able to spread out. My current kitchen has very little work space, and it’s always taken up with appliances, utensils, dishes, and chopping boards. To have something clean and fresh would be ideal, and I spent today looking at inspiration for just that!Read More »