Brunch Buffet and Food Inspiration - Here's a post about the only meal where dessert during the day is acceptable.

Brunch Buffet and Food Inspiration


Brunch: a somewhat intimidating, actually simple meal slash event where no one knows you’ve already had breakfast. Film and TV have portrayed brunch as a super fancy event that only rich people with caterers hold. It’s actually far more simple than that! A mix of breakfast and lunch foods, items that are mini or stuck on skewers, and you have a meal that’s varied, delicious, and social! Today I’m sharing with you some tips and beautiful inspiration images to encourage you to host your own brunch.


Have plenty of beverage options on hand! Coffee and orange juice are brunch essentials, but make sure to have water available as well. Do-it-yourself smoothie and mimosa bars are a fun idea that lets people customise their drinks to their taste.


DIY Bars

Like I said before, DIY options are always a good choice, especially for larger events. It lets you skip on the prep time, and people love to be able to put their own things together. As long as it’s easy and quick for them to get their ingredients on their plate!



I’m a savory fan. I’ll always opt for something less sweet when I have the choice, and brunch is a time when you can go a little heavier on the savory side. Since this is a meal that tends to hit between breakfast and lunch, include options like sandwiches and mini-quiche to help tide people over.



Brunch is a good excuse to stuff your face with sweet things. It’s the only acceptable daytime meal in which you can have dessert! Make individual desserts, stick donut holes on skewers, or go for the easy route and order some little treats from a bakery.


Fruit and Salad

Fruit is an essential part of brunch. Everyone will take a little so that no one judges them on what they’re really eating (two different kinds of pancakes, some bacon, a pastry, and pudding). Salad is another great choice – set up a DIY salad bar or individual salad cups and provide dressing in a carafe. This may end up the only option for vegan guests!


A few quick tips: hire a caterer if you don’t think you can handle the prep yourself. Separate different items onto smaller tables to help with traffic flow and prevent gross accidental combinations. Put plates and bowls at the beginning of the ‘line’ and cutlery at the end, so that people wont be trying to juggle all of those things at once. Try to include gluten-free and vegan options so that no one will be awkwardly sitting with a glass of lemon water and a rumbly tummy!


Featured image is via The Glitter Guide. All other images can be found on my Brunch Vibes Pinterest board.

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