Dream Apartment Inspiration - I've wanted an apartment all to myself for years and years. Here's what I imagine it would look like!

Dream Apartment Inspiration


My dream apartment and my dream house couldn’t be more different from each other. I want my house to be sophisticated and light, and my apartment to be moody and sleek. I’ve always loved the idea of an apartment, and I thought today would be a good day to share with you some of my inspirations. It’s definitely still fairly minimal, and my grey and white colour schemes are in play!

You enter the apartment through these lovely double doors, except they’d be black with silver hardware. I’ve featured these doors in a lot of other posts, and I really love them. I like the idea of having double doors as the entrance to the apartment, as long as they echo the style of the elevator lobby. I always imagine that there’s another apartment “behind” my one, so I’d be sharing the penthouse floor.

When you walk in, these beautiful shelves are on your right. The corridor leads to a t-intersection. To the left are the living areas, and to the right are the bedrooms. If I had a roof deck (detailed towards the end of the post) the stairs would be directly to the right before the shelves.

The first thing you see in the living areas is the dining room. I’d have a longer table rather than a square one, but I love the shelves and fireplace, and the huge windows. The stairs aren’t there, and it’s a flat path through to the office. Separating the office and the dining room is a set of low buffet cabinets where I can store my fancy serveware.

Instead of stairs, there’s just a flow through into the office. This is my desk area. I’d love to have a full wall of bookshelves behind it, like these ones from Studio McGee but quite a bit taller and in a matte black. I definitely want a different plant – maybe an indoor olive tree or faux magnolia branches.

This is the desk set up that I’d have under the big windows. I like the idea of other people being able to work in my office with me, and it would be easier to keep a desktop computer here rather than on my main desk.

These are shelves that I’d have on the opposite wall, in the space between the entry gap and the gym (you’ll see that below). I could keep inspirational books here, as well as artwork and magazines.

The gym would be to the left when you walk into the office area. I like the glass wall idea because the room wouldn’t have other windows. I’d like to have an elliptical machine, a place for those suspension trainers, as well as an open area where I can keep a weight bench and free weights, as well as do yoga and dance.

If you head the opposite way from the office, you’ll enter the living room and kitchen area. The fireplace is one of those see-through ones, so it’s the same on the living room side. There’s plenty of seating, as well as cabinets to either side of the fireplace. The one closest to the windows has the TV.

The kitchen faces into the living room in an open-plan set up. There’s a breakfast nook tucked away in the wall that separates the entry from the kitchen. To the left of the kitchen is a door that opens up into the laundry area. (PS: Check out the rest of this kitchen, it’s incredible!)

The wall that the kitchen and living room share would open up onto a little balcony. It’d have an outdoor dining space, as well as a small living space with some faux grass and some plants.

This is the design for the powder bathroom. When you head in through the entrance and go right, it’s immediately right again and into the powder room. I really like this little powder room!

Following on on that wall is the entrance to the guest bedroom. I picked something with a lighter colour scheme for this room, because I can change it up depending on how I feel. I would definitely want my guest bedroom to feel like a hotel suite for my guests!

The guest bathroom brings a mix of white and black. I’d swap the second sink for a toilet space, as the other wall has a bathtub and I think that’s a nice addition for my guests. Again it would be incorporating that luxury hotel suite feel, something that is really nice for visitors.

Opposite from the guest side is the master suite. I opted for something a bit more toned down and soft, but still keeping to the more modern feel I want the apartment to have. The headboard would be against the hallway wall, and I’d have a small balcony where the bathroom is (I’ll share that below). The bathroom would move to the foot of the bed, and the last wall would be where the master closet is.

The master bath (and closet) are my absolute favourite designs by Maple & Gray, and I’ve shared them many times before. In this bathroom, I’d swap the toilet and shower over so that I can have a big window to look out when I’m showering.

This is the closet! I’d have it open up from the bedroom rather than from the bathroom. There’d be space for a window behind where the photographer was standing, but I’d have skylights as well if possible. I like the narrow design because it’ll fit nicely – the kitchen is on the opposite side from the doors.

As part of the bedroom extras, I’d love to have this ceiling and chandelier in my master suite. I really adore coffered ceilings and statement lighting, and I think this would be perfect to add a bit more design flair to a simple room.

This is the little master balcony. I would love a small and private space to sit in the mornings or at night, and I love the idea of having plants on it. I also prefer the more simple framing of these windows, I’d definitely carry it through in the living spaces and guest room.

The final piece to this apartment tour is the roof deck. If I was able to get something with a private roof deck, I’d definitely take advantage of it. I’d have a little outdoor kitchen area, as well as either a small infinity pool or a jacuzzi. I’d also love to have potted trees up here, and more fake grass. A little oasis in the sky!

I hope you enjoyed this look into my dream apartment as much as I enjoyed putting it together. It’s a little hard to picture it all if you don’t have an idea of the floor plan, but it’s still fun to look at all of the design ideas! What do you think is missing from this space? What would you include? Let me know!


Featured image is via Susan Glick Interiors.

PS: Do you prefer having my comments after pictures, or do you prefer that I leave it to the visuals only?


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