15 Lovely Bathroom Vanities - Tired of your old, ugly, lacking in storage bathroom vanity? Here are 15 options to inspire a change!

15 Lovely Bathroom Vanities


One tough choice to make in bathroom design is choosing a vanity unit. Do you opt for something statement? More storage? Simple? Dramatic? There are so many different options readily available, and it’s even easy to design something yourself and have it custom made. For those of us suffering with ugly-unfunctional-vanity-syndrome, here are 15 really nice vanities to inspire you to change your ways!

Remuera Stately Home
Bretby Court
24 Kingsholme Street, Teneriffe
Kensington Bathroom
Opus Malvern - Kitchen & Bathroom
Holmwood Ave,  Brighton
Northcote House 2
Mr Mitchell Portsea House
Italia ceramics Tile Collection
Caulfield North Bathroom
Display Home: Sovereign 50
Kew House

No matter what your style is, your bathroom can definitely be improved by replacing your vanity. New storage combinations, a clean sink, and shiny new tap ware can brighten up the space and make it feel almost like a new room. You should even consider raising or lowering the height so it’s at optimal comfort for you, especially if you’re in an older house and the counter is way below comfort level.


Featured image is via In Residence.


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