The Black Window Trend - Not sure how you feel about black windows? This post will make up your mind.

The Black Window Trend


I really love the black window trend. Although it’s a traditionally industrial feature, it has steadily moved in popularity¬†and now you can see it on just about any home you come across. Black is typically a ‘disappearing’ colour, but it’s so perfect for window framing – especially if you have a view! Not sure what your take on it is? Have a look below the cut and find out!

Traditional Kitchen
Transitional Bathroom
Cherokee Trail Residence
Living Spaces
Marisol  |  Photography for Mark Cristofalo & Co
Atlanta whole house renovation
Hampton Beach House
Caruth Residence
Division Street
Lake Geneva Basswood
Apartment Gothic Quarter
The Sentinele House
William Hefner Architecture Interiors & Landscape
Palisades Modern
Bali-Inspired Modern
Our Past Design Work
William Hefner Architecture Interiors & Landscape

Just about any space will benefit from the grounding aspect of black windows. I’ve focused mainly on the interior side in this post, because I really love how beautiful views get framed with this design feature. If you were doubting that black would work in your home, I hope this post helped you decide!


Featured image is via Carter Kay Interiors.


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