Designer of the Month: Wittmann Building Corp - Welcome to the first DotM of 2017! We're starting with Florida based Wittmann Building Corp.

Designer of the Month: Wittmann Building Corp


As a preview for next Monday’s post, I chose Wittmann Building Corp as the first Designer of the Month of 2017. They’re the designers of one of my absolute favourite garden spaces (as shown above). They have a large repertoire of more traditional and stately homes, but they’re also skilled at producing neutral and sophisticated spaces.. Here’s a few of my favourites:

North Ocean
North Ocean
North Ocean
Everglades Island
Island Drive
Breakers Row
102 Banyan
102 Banyan

I hope you enjoyed these spaces as much as I did! It’s always great to showcase beautiful design work – it’s definitely my favourite part of writing a blog. Here’s to another year of designers, designs, and daydreams.


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