Home Theatre vs Home Gym - Opposite ends of the spectrum; which would you have in your home?

Home Theatre vs Home Gym


When it comes to luxury additions, theatres and gyms tend to range in the top five of any list. Both can be achieved if you have the space, but sometimes you have to pick which one you really want to bring into your home. A place of well-being and fitness, or a space to hang out with friends and family? To help you decide, I pulled together some beautiful theatres and gyms!

Home Theatre

Yellowstone Club Summit Residence
Oriole Way
Home Cinema Sunningdale
Sagaponack Estate
Contemporary Living Rooms
Las Flores Ave., Arcadia California for Coldwell Banker Realtor Ash Rizk
Hill Country Theater
media room
C.F. Olsen Homes 2014 Northern Wasatch Parade of Home

Home Gym

Lakefront Modern
Custom Home
Lilly Farm - Renovation
Our International & Wellness Projects
French Country Estate
Latest Project
Modern Home in Oakville Ontario
Double Arrow Residence
Transitional Family Home
The Cube

Whether you’re a movie buff or a fitness fanatic, hanging out solo or with friends and family, it’s important to make space in your home to do the things that you love. I hope to be able to have both of these rooms in my home one day, even if the ‘theatre’ is a projector screen at the end of my bed!


Featured image is via Eva Quateman Interiors.

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