My Birthday is Tomorrow - Tomorrow I'm turning 24 and like the mature adult I am, I'm feeling princess party vibes.

My Birthday is Tomorrow


Hello and welcome to the first post of 2017!¬†Tomorrow (January 12th) is my 24th birthday. One of my favourite things to share with you every year is my birthday inspiration – even though I don’t actually have a party. This year, I’ve decided that my dream birthday party would be a princess party. Pink and silver and gold, pretty dresses, and lots and lots of cake!

The Decor



The Outfit


The Food


The Cake


This was so much fun to put together. Sometimes I prefer being a complete minimalist, and sometimes I love whimsical¬†and fairytale glamour! All of these images (and more) can be found on my Princess Party Pinterest board. I know it seems a little silly and childish to want a princess party for a 24th birthday, but I feel like it’d be a reminder to keep indulging in youthful fun when I’m older!


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