Teenage Girl Bedroom Inspiration - Check out these beautiful bedrooms that teen you would have killed to have!

Teenage Girl Bedroom Inspiration


If there’s one thing I know about teenagers, it’s that having your own space is one of the most important things ever. A place that you can decorate however you want, where you can hang out with friends and do your homework; a place where you can hide away from the world. As a teenager, I was part of the ’emo’ scene, so my room design consisted of band posters torn out of magazines and black clothing piled all over the floor. Check out some of these stunning spaces that teen me would have loved to live in!

Port Streets Home
Hampton Home by Copperleaf Homes
SHELL II Custom Glass Chandelier | Fun Teen Bedroom | Multi Pendant Glass Light
NYC Bedrooms by Designed to Appeal
Hermitage Lane, Newport Beach, CA
Sag Harbor Hideaway
Traditional Bedroom
Venice Canals
Edina Tudor Remodel
Historic Savannah - Monterey Square

Here’s a few tips on getting the most out of your teenage bedroom design:

  1. Let them participate in making choices and doing work. The more they have to do, the less likely they are to change their mind in three weeks.
  2. Buy more paint than you think you’ll need. Wall damage happens magically during teenage years, so it’s good to have extra paint on hand to patch up.
  3. Opt for things that can be changed easily, like temporary wallpaper and affordable light fixtures.
  4. Don’t spend a lot of money on a rug – with makeup, pens for homework, food, and sports gear, a rug is going to get run down and dirty pretty quickly.
  5. Go big or go home with storage. Teenagers have a lot of stuff, and it’s much better to look at their rooms when all the clutter can be shoved into drawers and cupboards!

You should also remember that eventually your teenager is going to move out for college, so any investment pieces should be carefully chosen to transition into a nice guest room for when they come to visit (and have you do their laundry). Pick up some frames from a thrift store and have your teenager spray paint them for a personalised way to display posters, photos, and art!


Featured image is via Younique Designs.


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