Maison Grace - The House of Grace Office Goals - One day, I'll have my own office/studio. Here's my inspiration!

Maison Grace – The House of Grace Office Goals

Maison Grace - The House of Grace Office Goals - One day, I'll have my own office/studio. Here's my inspiration!

It has taken me so long to write this post that I had to take a break for crying and eating some feelings. Pulling together inspiration for my dream office was harder than I expected it to be. And the hardest section was the executive office inspiration. So, after several long and exhausting hours, half a pizza, and three Kleenex, I present to you the Maison Grace office goals!


I’d like to make a good statement with the reception area. It’s the first chance that clients get to have a gander at our style in real life. Big modern doors will open into a sleek and modern reception area. The desk and seating will be separated by a beautiful light fixture, and the seats will be soft and comfortable.






Shared Work Spaces

Shared spaces are really important in the design world, since the work is so collaborative. I want to have a big open room where everyone has individual work stations. In addition to that, I want to have several separate ‘conference’ rooms that teams can work in together without disturbing everyone else. Each team will get their own small room, and the bigger rooms can be booked for meetings and presentations.




Executive Offices

The executive offices will be separated by glass walls, for privacy and functionality. Each exec will get a space for their desk and a small seating area, perfect for hosting guests and working privately. They’ll be able to decorate their office to their own taste. This was the hardest section for me, I couldn’t find a desk set up that I liked!









The Sample Room

The Sample Room will be the most important room in the office. It’ll hold all of our samples, from fabrics through to paint chips and into tile! A centre island will hold trays for designers to style their samples on, and everything will be kept organised and up to date so that we can show clients the best combinations possible.






Staff Spaces

I wanted to create this section to showcase any extra areas that are more private to the office itself. I’d want my staff to be able to work in a friendly and open space, with a nod to our design taste. The bathrooms would feature marble and excellent lighting, as well as product samples for the staff to try out. The kitchen will be open with good flow, and free snacks. Plus, one key feature will be the rooftop garden, a place where the staff can work, eat lunch, or just relax on their breaks.




I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time on a post as I have with this one. I’m so tired, but each time I scroll through to edit things, I’m so excited by the future. It’s nice to plan out things like this, because it gives me hope and motivates me to keep working for it! Maybe one day you’ll even work here with me.


These images and more can be found on my Office Goals Pinterest board.


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