How to Make Your Space More Elegant - Need some advice on how to step up your sophisticated interior design game?

How to Make Your Home More Elegant


If I had to pick one thing that inspires me most when it comes to life and interior design, it’s the word ‘elegant’. I love spaces that are neutral and sophisticated, and the idea of always being stylish and refined. It’s a word that guides a lot of my choices when it comes to interior design, and today I wanted to share with you some of my ‘rules’ for creating elegant spaces.

Pick a neutral colour scheme

Hamilton Residence

Neutral colours are an essential backdrop for elegant spaces, and of course, grey is my recommendation. It’s a colour that can be described as ‘stately’ and ‘reserved’, which is how I define elegance. Black and white are the other two colours I definitely recommend, but similar colours such as taupe, and muted plums and blues, can work as well.

Lighting changes everything

jamesthomas, LLC

The look of a whole room can be ruined by bad lighting. Opt for overhead lighting that makes a statement, such as a crystal chandelier or industrial fixture. You should always have multiple sources of light, and it’s a good idea to get dimmers so that you can create ambience. Bad lighting equals dingy spaces, which is the opposite of elegant!

Utilize metals and mirrors

Maple & Gray Furniture

Metals, mirrors, and metals so smooth you can see yourself in them are some of the hottest trends at the moment, but they’re also a timeless option. It’s a great way to mix in texture and colour without going overboard, and it also brings in more light! Choose mirrors with beautifully detailed frames, and add smaller metal accents in different finishes.

Highlight or create architectural details


I absolutely love intricate millwork. It adds a sense of formal grandiose to a space, and is often fairly easy to pull off. Whether you go for detailed millwork through your entire home, or choose something simple like crown moulding around ceilings, doors, and windows, it’s a good way to add personality and style to an elegant space.

Add luxe textures

Modern Luxe Bedroom

Furs, velvets, silks, oh my! Luxe textures are an easy way to bring elegance into your space while still being simple to switch out. I love velvet and leather sofas; add a simple silk rug and a faux fur throw blanket and you have instant glamour!

Switch clutter for art pieces


Clutter is the furthest thing from elegance. Deal with every day clutter as soon as you bring it in, get rid of knick-knacks that are ugly or broken, and use boxes to store things that you need to have. Use your newly cleared surfaces to display your beautiful items such as artwork, sculptures, or something simple like this bowl filled with balls.

Clean regularly

Needham Kitchen

This is probably the most important thing. No space, no matter how well styled, is going to look and feel elegant if you’re stepping on food crumbs or sending up clouds of dust. Vacuum, sweep, mop, dust, polish, and tidy regularly so that your space always feels fresh and welcoming.

Add a pleasant scent


The White Company¬†sells some of my favourite scent collections, and it’s important to have a home that smells lovely when you’re aiming for elegance. The same as the cleaning tip – no one will appreciate the elegance of your home if it smells like old socks or wet dog. I prefer to use diffusers, but candles are a good option for entertaining. Keep them in every room!

Naturally, tailor these tips to your own aesthetic and lifestyle. If you don’t like cleaning floors, remove rugs so that you only have to sweep and mop. If you think that the most elegant walls and ceilings are ones that are plain and minimal, skip the millwork! Good design only works if it’s design that you love, so take what you want and leave what you don’t, and have fun creating a space that reflects who you are.


Featured image is via Square Footage Inc.


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