My 2016 Christmas Wish List - Here's a look into what I'm wanting this Christmas! Hint hint.

My 2016 Christmas Wish List


Christmas is coming up and everyone knows that the best part of it is presents. We all say that it’s family and spending time with the ones we love, but it’s definitely presents. I come up with a wish list every year. It’s a great way to have fun, give your people ideas on what you want, and it serves as a shopping list for the year ahead!


Viktor & Rolf Bonbon – I’ve wanted this perfume for years, but it’s so expensive! It’s got a more night-time vibe to it, but it’s still really feminine. It’s sweet without being overpowering, and I found myself sniffing my shirt collar all day when I tried it.


Victoria’s Secret pajamas – I adore pajamas from VS! They look so comfy and soft, and they’re adorable. The ones I want in particular are the afterhours satin boxer set in black, but I love their henley ones and their slouchy crew ones as well.


Tying into the present above is the Victoria’s Secret Satin Kimono in the trademark VS pink stripe. I have a silky robe in white already, and they’re so lovely and soft. I love wearing it in summer over a nightie; it provides more cover without letting you get warm. I love it with their lace trim slip for summer pj perfection.


I love sneakers, and these cute white and gold ones from Forever New are totally my style. They’re called the Thalia sneaker, and they have the perfect amount of gold to accent the white. I’m definitely becoming more minimalist with my clothing colours, and these are too cute.


Another thing that I really want is this Isla jewellery box, also from Forever New. My jewellery collection is slowly getting bigger, and I really do need somewhere to put it all. This was on my wish list last year as well. It’s glam without being too over the top, and is the perfect feminine accessory to store your accessories.

The biggest thing that I want for Christmas this year is to start pulling together my dream bedroom. Naturally, it features a lot of items that can’t really be bought in New Zealand, but how else would it be a dream bedroom?? Almost everything on my list is from Restoration Hardware and RH Teen, which we all know are my favourite shops!



Kicking off this bedroom wishlist is room smellies! While personal smellies are always appreciated, I really love walking into my room and having it smell nice. Diffusers are a better option, but I love Ecoya and this packaging was absolutely beautiful. And, like I said, personal smellies are always appreciated!


Getting the un-RH items out of the way, I really love this mirrored tri-fold vanity mirror from PB Teen. The shape is so elegant, and it would look amazing on a vanity in front of a window – perfect for doing my hair and makeup.


Somehow, I always seem to need a new desk chair, and the Martine is girly without being childish. I’d prefer it in the brushed Belgian linen in the colour ‘Fog’, but this is really lovely too. Diamond tufting is really pretty, and I like that it would go with all of the new things I want for my room.


This picture is kind of what inspires my plans for my bedroom. The Selby bed is so elegant and I fell in love at first sight. Tapestries have never really been my thing, but I’ve been wanting to do something huge and floral on my wall, and the Blossom tapestry lets me do that without damaging anything! Together they make a beautiful statement of femininity and sophistication.


No dream bedroom is complete without fuzzy pillows. Faux fur, of course, these pillows look so soft and comfy! These are great as accent pillows for your bed, and are perfect for snuggling into when it’s a bit cold. I love them in this shade of grey because they’d contrast perfectly with the white bedding I want to get.


My absolutely favourite bedding in the world is RH’s Italian Hotel Satin Stitch White collection, specifically in ‘greystone’. Such a crisp and beautiful white, with the perfect amount of grey to offset it. This bed is dressed with the Silk Bordered Oversized Linen Throw and it looks so lovely that I just want to climb in it right now. If I had to pick my two essentials from this entire list, it would be the bed and this lovely bedding!


The Sato rug is exactly what I need to cover up my hideous carpet. It’s low pile, made from viscose yarn and cotton, and has a shimmer to it! One of the things I hate about the carpet, apart from the pattern and colour, is that it’s very dark and makes my small and dark bedroom feel smaller and darker. Something that will reflect the light and cover up the ugly is essential!


As much as I love my current pendant light, it does need an upgrade. This is the Athena Crystal Pendant, and I absolutely love it. It would look amazing either as my overhead light, or even hanging over night stands! There’s a floor lamp in the same style that I also love. A combination of the two would be so pretty.

Scrolled through this list to find present ideas for a female friend and came up with nothing? I know that a lot of people can’t afford to give extravagant gifts, or even really spend a lot of money. If all else fails, a personalized faux fur stocking stuffed full of little treats will do the trick!

I like to imagine my family reading through this list and laughing to themselves.


Featured image is via Rach Parcell on Instagram.


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