My Favourite Kitchen Cabinet Colours - Who would have guessed that I'd use a grey kitchen for my featured image?

My Favourite Kitchen Cabinet Colours


When it comes to kitchens, there are five colours that I love using for cabinets. Black, white, navy, and grey are all great colours separately, but also work really well in combinations. And if you get tired of your kitchens aesthetic, simply switching out your accessories and hardware will give it a fresh vibe.


Black is definitely my favourite bold choice. It makes a statement without bringing too much ‘colour’ to a room, and can look modern or classic depending on the shade and the finish. I prefer mixing black cabinets with a lighter surface and wall, and it’s the perfect choice for bringing out texture and colour in your accessories.

Farmhouse Kitchen
Hem till salu
M.K in Pelham


White is the basic kitchen colour and will always look fabulous. Although a little harder to maintain, it’s definitely something that will please multiple people. Adding in some subtle grey tones with marble counters will give the space depth. White is also your best choice to frame a gorgeous view, since the cabinets will ‘disappear’ in your vision.

Tradition Updated Kitchen and Dining Room
Contemporary Villa
Mount Maunganui Home
New County Road
White Marble Kitchen


Navy has only recently popped into my life as a favourite colour. It seems to be on the rise in the design world, and although it’s not to my personal taste, it is an awesome colour for kitchens. It’s a colour that gives a completely different vibe, but it definitely does look better in smaller doses.

The Kimberley
Mass Avenue Heights
Moody Blues
Hyatt Lane - Westport, CT
Trinity Road


We all know I love me some grey, but the design world seems to be on the fence about grey kitchens. For kitchen design, I prefer to use a medium grey – something with depth and personality, not too flat and not too dreary. However, I probably don’t need to say much about this category – I’m pretty sure I’ve said it all before!

Edwardian House Fulham
The Avenues Arts and Crafts
Traditional Kitchen
Camp Hill

Honourable Mentions: Dusty Blues & Teals

‘Dusty’ is a bit of an odd category, but it’s definitely my favourite when it comes to any colour. They’re shades that are more toned down than they are vibrant – almost like there’s a layer of dust on them. Again, a colour that I probably wouldn’t use in my own kitchen, but it definitely deserves to be mentioned!

Banbury, Oxfordshire
Mont Albert - Hampton style Overlay cabinets
Kitchen Renovation
The Pimlico Kitchen by deVOL

Whatever colour you do end up choosing for your kitchen, make sure it’s one that you really love. If you’re more temperamental and like to change up your look often, go for the black, white, or grey over the blues. The more neutral your backdrop, the better your accents will look. Plus, it’s fairly easy to remove cupboard doors and repaint if you change your mind!


Featured image is via Fox Force Five Construction.


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