Sister Style - If My Sister and I Lived Together: We may be vastly different people, but living with my sister would be so much fun!

Sister Style – If My Sister and I Lived Together


My sister lives over an hour away from me, in a different city. We get to see each other about once a month, sometimes more. We recently joked about what it would be like living together, and for fun, I thought I’d come up with some ideas about what our house might look like. Luckily, we have similar taste in decor! Today I’m sharing those ideas with you, so kick off your shoes and come inside.

Living Room

Our living room would probably be open plan and super comfortable – more of a family room vibe than formal. My sister has two children, so it would be good to be able to cook or work in the kitchen and dining room while still be able to watch them play. Plus, soft and comfy couches are essential for movie nights! Even if somebody doesn’t like sectional couches.

Chatham Street

Kitchen & Dining

Our kitchen and dining area should be big, open, and light. We aren’t really formal dining kind of people, but a table that’s big enough to seat friends and family is a good idea. I love light kitchens, with plenty of counter and storage space, plus an area to plonk the kids when they’re having snacks or eating breakfast.

Traditional Kitchen

Home Office

With my blogging, and my sister’s nursing degree, we’d need a space where we can focus and get down to doing work. This could double as our ‘grown ups space’, with a comfy couch for reading on, a table for kids to play at quietly, and separate desks so we’re not mixing up all of our files.

ASID San Diego Design Excellence Awards 2014

Kids Spaces

A combo bedroom and playroom seems like a good idea to me! My sister has two boys, almost four years apart, so I’d love to give them a space where they can have (kind of) control over decorating. Bunks on one wall give them plenty of room to have friends over, and toy storage on the other wall means that toys can be put away and sharing encouraged! Both images from RH Baby & Child.



Grown Ups Space

A separate sitting room would be really nice – a space that’s mostly kid free and perfect for hosting guests or just relaxing with a book when we need a little bit of me-time. We could put a few nicer pieces of furniture in this room, and have a small bar set up. It’s important to me to have a space where I can feel like an adult, where I won’t worry about stepping on a stray toy car.

Roehampton Gate

Laundry Room

A large laundry room is essential. Four people (two kids!) generate a lot of dirty laundry that needs a good amount of space to deal with. We also need space for cleaning supplies – we both like to clean! Something with upper cupboards would be perfect for keeping dangerous chemicals out of little ones fingers, and space for folding and hanging clothes is definitely necessary.

Updated Bright Kitchen & Laundry Room


An outdoor space is another must that my sister and I agree on. A safe place for our cats and the kids to play is something that we both consider to be very important. Kids should be allowed to get dirty and have fun in a safe environment, learn to grow their own food, and we’d love to be able to have picnics and meals outside in the summer months. PS: The grey courtyard sinks down into a pool!

Barron Park
Vegetable Production

As for exteriors? She likes traditional and I like modern – we’ll agree to disagree on that front! This was so fun to put together, I love creating spaces for my sister, like this living &  bedroom one. I’ve done a gender neutral baby shower post as well! If my sister and I ever lived together, it would be so fun to see how our styles mesh together in real life. I love her dearly, and miss her lots!


Featured image is via Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.

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