Styling and Design Inspiration for Home Bars - Interested in setting up your own bar area at home? Here's some beautiful spaces to inspire you!

Styling and Design Inspiration for Home Bars


If you entertain often, you know the value of a good bar set up. Whether you have an entire room, a small nook, or even just a cart, an attractive and functional drinks area is essential to good hosting. Personally I don’t drink alcohol, but it’s a good idea to have some at hand for guests. If you can, opt for something bigger with areas to display beautiful bottles and glasses, and a fridge to store water and soda. Pick up a set of stylish bar tools and you’re set!

Joshua Creek Basement Reno
Needham Bar
Ski Cottage
Clay Street
Short Hills
Nantucket Bijoux
The "Chateau"
Contemporary Projects
Palisades Riviera
Minimalist Mountainside


Интерьеры загородного дома на Истре
City Glamour - Bar
Modern Mediterranean
Greener Pastures
Esprit Pur & Contemporain au Cap de Carteret
Rebecca Lane
Modern Waterfront Kitchen
The House in Black
Meyers - Rocklin
2014 Home for the Holidays Designer Showhouse
Quartz Residence

I love the idea of hosting guests for fancy drinks and lovely meals. Although alcohol can have a bad reputation, a couple of drinks can allow a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and can only be helped along by a well-stocked and well-presented bar area. If you don’t have the space to keep it alcohol only, consider adding in a coffee machine and a set of nice mugs. Keep creamer in that handy fridge and you have double duty that can be used both morning and night!


Featured photo is via Summit Signature Homes.


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