How to Cultivate Hotel Style at Home - Bringing hotel chic to your home is easier than you think it is. Here's some tips.

How to Cultivate Hotel Style at Home


When you’re looking for luxury inspiration, hotels tend to be a good resource. Luxury hotel bedrooms are more than just a space, they’re an experience. From beautiful artwork to high quality linens and pampering touches, hotel rooms are the perfect starting point to building your own relaxing and luxurious space. In todays post I’m sharing a few tips on how to get started in different areas of your own home.


Your entry or foyer is the first place people see, so it’s the perfect place to set the theme for your home. This is where your color scheme should shine brightest, but make sure that it’s functional as well as memorable. Keep the space as open as possible, and I recommend adding a mirror as well.

Create a design moment

Add something statement or large. A design moment is when something about the space makes people stop and take a breath. I love the addition of large pieces with beautiful details. Intricately framed mirrors or textural artwork both create that moment without taking up floor space and blocking flow.

Квартира на Белорусской

Add surfaces

A console table, a shelf, or even a stool brings a surface to the space that you can use to store important items or style a vignette. A table with hidden drawers allows you to keep wallets and keys right where you need them without adding clutter or mess. Simple and styled are key words in hotel design.

Tenth Street Residence

Reflective & sculptural elements

If a mirror isn’t the piece for you, a shapely vase or unique sculpture brings in dimension. I like using things with reflective surfaces to add depth as well. Try layering some harmonious pieces in a vignette to add a pop of design and personality.



Hotel living spaces are open and sleek, but home spaces tend to fill up with blankets, discarded shoes, remotes, and cell phones. If you prefer a minimal table, purchase a sofa with hidden storage. You can keep extra throw pillows in it as well, so that your well styled space easily turns into a cozy family room.

Plenty of seating

Add one more seat than you think you might need. Mix sofas, chairs, stools, ottomans, to create a custom and personal set up that works for you. I like to add a bench or matching stools in front of fireplaces to add those extra seats, and have two different pairs of chairs facing each other. The perfect sofa finishes it off so that people can opt for a seat that fits their personal bubble.

Freeman Residence

Luxe materials

Leather and velvet are two lovely materials that feel and look luxurious. A faux fur throw adds plushiness and dimension, and you can pull colours from the fur for your accents. Some of my favourite chairs have a mix of leather seats and metal frames, for a sleek and modern look.Tight and neat fabrics feel more hotel-esque than drapey or rumpled materials like linen.

Living Room

Conversation areas

Instead of having one larger seating area, try creating smaller areas that are centred around encouraging conversation rather than facing a tv.

Julie Charbonneau: Montreal, QC


Hotel bedrooms don’t have lots of stuff in them. When your room is packed with furniture you can feel cluttered and claustrophobic. Hang larger drapes to make windows look bigger, and stick to the fewest furniture pieces you can work with. Add a small seating area – a pair of chairs or a chaise longue with a small side table. A seating area always makes a room look larger than it really is.

Crisp bed linens

Whether you opt for plain white sheets, white with a border, coloured, or patterned, make sure that they’re clean and crisp. You can steam instead of ironing, but rumpled and crinkled sheets only work for actual linen. Even cotton looks cheaper and messier when its crinkled. One stylist tip is to add two duvets into one cover – it looks extra fluffy and plush!

Aqua Penthouse

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers or sculptural branches add that nature effect, and it’s something that you can swap out depending on your taste. I like white flowers like tulips, orchids, and hydrangeas. Magnolia and cherry blossom branches also look incredible. You can add something that helps to clean the air, which not only looks good but is also beneficial to your health.

Abigail Ahern interiors

Luxe drapes

Good quality, heavy drapes are a hotel staple. Unless you like having the lights from your neighbours houses shining in your window, a thick curtain is not only a beautiful design choice but it keeps out irritating light. A plain sheer curtain underneath helps to filter light, and looks stunning in a breeze.

East Shore Dr.


Bathrooms should always be clean, with towels folded neatly and minimal clutter. Hide things like toilet paper and cleaning supplies, and keep a Swiffer or other quick mop in your bathroom so that you can whip around when it starts to look or feel a bit dirty. I like to go neutral and minimal in residential bathrooms. Hotel bathrooms can be more dramatic because you don’t spend very much time in them – make sure your design is something you can live with.

White linens

Why white? Because it’s easy to tell when they’re clean. You do have to replace white towels more often than coloured ones, but it’s worth it to keep them looking bright and fresh. You can accent with patterned towels, or something like a deep charcoal, but make sure you get items from the same line to help create cohesiveness.

In-Law Suite Addition & Master Bath Remodel - Washington, DC

Neutral colours

Like I said just before, neutral and minimal are my key words in residential bathrooms. Grey, white, black, and beige are perfect colours for a bathroom. You can add pops of colour with your accents, but I find a simple neutral scheme to look luxurious and sophisticated even when the space gets messy.

Malvern Home

Quality products

Use products that work well and look good. You can always decant your products into new containers, but I have a policy to never buy things that I think are ugly. Beautiful products create a design moment all of their own, and even though you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, wouldn’t you prefer an item that you know the company has invested in?



I admit, I’m not a fan of personal items as decor. I feel like personal photographs should still look like art – even if you have to invest in a photographer to take them for you. Tchotchkes and ugly gifts might be sentimental, but they can throw off your entire atmosphere. Styling is really important in a hotel inspired space!

Interesting artwork

Invest in your artwork. Something unique is always better than something mass produced, even though it may cost you a little more money. And remember than artwork isn’t just for your walls! The lamps in this space are just as interesting as the framed art, and add a lot of dimension and personality.

Living Rooms

Accent with lighting

Never rely solely on an overhead light. I don’t believe in a lot of design rules but this one is definitely true. Mix and match your lighting to ensure that you have everything you need – task lighting, mood lighting, and general lighting. It creates a good atmosphere, and depth that makes a space look and feel more luxurious. I’d recommend this as your starting point – good lighting will improve an ugly space.

Dining room

Styled surfaces, minimal clutter

Again, styled and simple are back in this section. Play around with your objects to see what looks good. Pick some items that have storage in them so that if you need to have things nearby, you can keep them neatly stored and out of view. Minimal spaces make more of an impact than cluttered ones, because there’s something to focus on. If you do have a lot of stuff, add closed storage to lowest shelves to corral it all.

via The Design Chaser.

Those are all the tips I have for you today, so I hope that you found something you can implement in your own space. Take it slowly, and change only a few things at a time. You’ll create a space that feels more dimensional and harmonious than if you go to a store and pick out all their matching decor. Shop around to find pieces that you truly love, and remember to have fun with it!


Featured image is via John Lewis.

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