Bathroom Styling and Organisation - These bathrooms clear the clutter and display essential items beautifully!

Bathroom Styling and Organisation

Bathroom Styling and Organisation - These bathrooms clear the clutter and display essential items beautifully!

With so many different and conflicting design ‘rules’, it can be hard to narrow down just what advice you need to follow in order to create your dream space. When it comes to bathroom styling, I know I’m not the only one who’s sick of the mismatched clutter and product piles. Start by clearing it all out – and then maybe some of my following tips can help you style your own space. 

Use stools

Stools are a great way to add both storage and seating into your bathroom. I really like the idea of layering them to create different levels and areas for organising.


Bring in natural elements

Woven baskets, wooden accents, and organic cotton linen can help create a clean and natural atmosphere in your bathroom. With so many different options in natural materials, you can easily find something that will suit your space without giving up your dream style.


Think differently

Bring in aspects that aren’t traditional in the bathroom. You never know what you might find – this blanket ladder is perfect for draping towels over. Everybody gets their own rung, and the towels won’t be squished together on a too-small rail.


Store products safely

Items like bath salts and soaps can easily be damaged by bathroom conditions. Keep things like this in glass storage containers to keep them away from water and dust.


Hang your towels

There is literally nothing worse than smelly damp towels left in piles on the floor. Figure out what hanging solution is best for you, and then stick to it. Towels should be used three times before washing, so hanging them up to dry between bathing is essential.


Separate shelved items

I really like to keep like items with like. I try to keep body washes and soaps together, and hair products separately from those. Tools like razors and loofahs get separated as well. That way you know where everything is supposed to go, and you’ll never use your body scrub on your face.


Utilize vessels

If you have items that could be stored together, or you like to have separate sets for guests, put them in a basket. Even things stored in cabinets can be put in a basket. Good organisation is a time saver, and it helps to prevent visible messes. No one cares if your hair products are a mess if they’re hidden away!


Stay consistent

I really like to pick a design or colour theme for bathrooms. That way you’ll know instinctively if something isn’t going to fit in. Keep it simple, and remember that shades of a colour will usually work well together.


Greenery is goals

Add something green and living (or ex-living) to your bathroom. I don’t know exactly why this works, but it seems to make spaces look and feel more inviting. There are plenty of plants that thrive in damp or humid environments, so take the time to find something you like.


Add a trolley or cart

If you’re in desperate need of a little extra storage, a trolley or cart is probably going to work better than another cupboard. You can wheel them around when you need to, and they transition well into other areas of your home. Keep one by your bath tub for spa day items, or use it to store childrens bath toys!


Minimize products

There’s no way to be well organised if you have twenty bottles of face wash in varying levels of emptiness. Keep your products to a minimum, and have only your absolutely every day essentials out on display. Anything else can be tucked inside a cupboard – easy to access, but not taking up all the visual space and overwhelming you.


Corral with a tray

Put those essential every day items on a tray. It keeps them from getting spread out, and it’s easy to wipe down a tray, leaving your counters clean. Hopefully this will also stop you from losing things – but no guarantees.


Brand loyalty = prettier packaging

Buy things from the same brand, in similar or matching packaging. This reduces visual noise and lends a more calm vibe to the space. A lot of products are also designed to work together with properties and even scents, so having things in a set can improve the product performance, not just it’s appearance.


When in doubt, vignette

Any extra space that needs a little bit of oomph can be easily fixed with a vignette. Three or five items works best, and mix up the shapes and heights to create interest. If you don’t have any extra products, try two candles and a single flower or twig with pretty leaves (like in the picture earlier up).


Keep visible storage super tidy

A single tipped over bottle can make a space look messier than it really is. Make sure to keep linens neatly folded, products stacked properly with labels out, and extra items organised the best that they can. Remember to wipe down surfaces and products if you don’t use them regularly – dust builds up faster than you think in a bathroom.


Hidden storage should be just as neat

Keep closed storage neat and tidy as well, so that you’re not discouraged when you open a cabinet. Things that guests might need to use (feminine products, extra toilet paper, extra soap etc) should be kept in an obvious place, and other things should be tidily stored too. Do a quick sweep before you leave the house for the day, so that everything is ready for you when you get home.


There’s a lot of things people do differently to me, and some of these tips might not work out for you. That’s okay, just experiment until you find the right combination of ideas and advice! Your bathroom should feel fresh and inviting, a space that’s clean for you to get clean in. I advise creating a Pinterest board or something similar with pictures of bathrooms you like, and taking it with you when you go bathroom shopping!


All of these pictures and more can be found on my Pinterest Bathrooms board.

PS: I’m aware that this is going up a day late – I thought I’d posted it, but I hadn’t!


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