Unexpected Busyness May Cause Delays

In place of a regular blog post, I am writing a note to explain why I’ve missed a couple of days and have been spotty in my posting over the last month. I’ve been struggling with a bit of exhaustion lately and have spent most of my time trying not to fall asleep when I don’t have something that desperately needs to be done. I’m really sorry that it’s been affecting my blogging, and I promise that I will try harder to get blog posts written and posted!

I’ve also been quite busy lately, with an unexpected trip halfway across the island and a visit from my dad, as well as my mum being on holiday. These ones are not excuses, just a little update!

Now for better news: this month on the blog you’ll be seeing a few posts about styling, as well as some summer fashion inspiration, and a shop-with-me post! I’m really looking forward to these posts, so I hope you are too.

Thank you for sticking with me through the struggle!



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