Kitchens With Beautiful Black Details - From all black everything to just a touch of colour, this is a design choice that adds instant impact.

Kitchens With Beautiful Black Details


Black in your kitchen can be a spectacular design choice that works surprisingly well. Black kitchens are often sleek and modern, and since black goes with almost every colour it’s a perfect choice for people who like bold spaces that can be changed up easily. My dream kitchen is a black one, and I plan on accenting it with lots of natural wood, copper and silver, and marble touches. If you think black kitchens might be your thing, have a look at the ones below!

Castellina 1272 Model Home
Urban Angles Kitchens
Rocky Ledge Kitchen
SJC Dramatic Remodel
Interior Kitchens
KSI Designer, Jim McVeigh
City Homes
Kitchen Terrace
Narrabundah House
Bay Beach Lane
Holmhurst Court Brighton East
Burraneer Home

Black can work in spaces big or small, and looks stunning with virtually any finish. It fits in so well with my minimalist leanings because a black kitchen doesn’t need accents in order to look pulled together – the colour itself is the statement. The only issue will be exploding bags of flour; any white powder will show up instantly on all the black!


Featured image is via Sonya Cotter.

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