Contemporary Cool Exteriors - Highlighting some of the best parts of modern and contemporary architecture.

Contemporary Cool Exteriors


There is a fine line between ‘contemporary cool’ and ‘new but really weird’. The images below are of that first category: modern houses that come together really well to highlight all of the best things about contemporary architecture. I love this style because it always feels so clean and bright, and there’s so much that you can do with it. Bonus points to houses with water features out front – probably my favourite thing ever.

Casa SAC I
Sunset Strip
Urban Angles Exteriors
San Vicente
Bali-Inspired Modern
SD House
Hobson House
Pleasant Park
Beach House
Home Design - The Raffles
Whitehaven Phase 1
Mercer Island Entry
Texas Residence
The Green
Capturing the beauty of its location.
Fleetwood Distinguished Photos

While I definitely encourage experimentation with contemporary exteriors, you have to be really careful to keep all of your materials in balance. One wrong choice can completely unbalance the beauty and make it look plain old peculiar. Even your landscaping can have an impact on how your house looks. Make it beautiful!


Featured image is via Teri Fotheringham Photography.


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