Fairytale Cottages & Tea Houses - If you love traditional architecture and tiny houses, these fairytale homes are surely your cup of tea.

Fairytale Cottages & Tea Houses


I have a secret love for little houses. Not the modern ‘tiny house revolution’ style, but little cottages that make you think of fairytales and Hobbit holes. Maybe it comes from living so close to Hobbiton, but there’s just something so charming and nostalgic about a tiny little cottage with enough space for a bed and a bookshelf. Here are some gorgeous little cottages that send me back into fairytales!

Meadowmoor Cottage Inspiration, Blaise Hamlet, England
Stone Cottage
Tallman Segerson Portfolio
Private Residence in Savannah, GA
Normandy House
Backyard Cottage
Stone House
Tomte Stuga
The Gatehouse
Hill Country Retreat
Atherton, California Estate by Markay Johnson Construction
Custom Renovation - Cape Cod
The Nest
Storybook cottage

Some of these are actually bigger than the house I live in now! They’re perfect to get away from the hustle of modern life and to get back to basics. I’d love to curl up on a cozy sofa with a soft blanket, a crackling fire, a mug of tea and a good book. It’s especially attractive if it’s raining and you can feel isolated from the rest of the world… As long as there’s indoor plumbing.


Featured image is via Peter Zimmerman Architects.


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