Free Spring Cleaning Checklist by Nina Hendrick - Spring has sprung and soon it'll be time for a good deep clean.

Free Spring Cleaning Checklist by Nina Hendrick


It’s officially Spring in New Zealand, and I’m really looking forward to it! All the flowers blooming, lambs everywhere, the farmers market will be getting more lively. Spring is a really great month, and one of the reasons I like it so much is that it gives me the opportunity to do a deep clean of things that have been forgotten over the winter.

I may regularly do spot deep cleans of my house, but there are definitely areas that I don’t clean. But with warmer weather on the way, I’ll have the chance to open all the windows and doors and have a fresh breeze through as I clean! (Hopefully it won’t rain in through those doors.)

This is a really great deep cleaning checklist that I found on Nina Hendrick’s blog. It covers so many different things, and it looks pretty too! You can head over to her post here to download the checklist in a PDF form to print off and carry with you as you clean.

Happy spring (cleaning)!


PS: Definitely check out the rest of her blog too. She has a beautiful house!

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