11 Spaces Made for Relaxing - Need a moment to yourself, to catch your breath and calm down? Here's some spaces perfect for doing that.

11 Spaces Made For Relaxing

Sometimes life can be stressful, making you crave a space that’s so serene you literally can’t think bad thoughts. I’m having one of those weeks where you just need to stop for a minute and destress, and I thought this was the perfect moment to share some relaxing spaces that inspire me. PS: At the end of the post are 5 of my tips on how to make your own space more relaxing.

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If you’re looking to channel a more relaxing atmosphere in your own space, here’s a few things that I suggest you do:

Pick a colour scheme that soothes you. For me, that’s grey or white. For others, blues and greens do the same thing. I prefer to keep things muted and neutral; it helps to have colours that don’t bring lots of energy to a space. I also like to bring in neutral accent colours like metallics, but varied shades of grey seem to work best for me.

Opt for furniture that’s easy to care for and is comfortable. The less work you have to do in a relaxing space, the better! I also like to choose items in neutral colours so that I have less to consider if I want to bring in any accent colours. Slipcovers are also an option if you find something super comfortable but extremely ugly.

Clean regularly. Vacuum or mop once a week to keep floors feeling fresh, wipe down your windows and surfaces, and don’t forget to dust any decorative items. A clean room feels nicer to be in, so if cleaning isn’t your favourite activity you may want to consider swapping carpet for hardwood and display shelves for art.

Consider what your space smells like. No one feels relaxed in a room that smells dusty or disgusting. I really love the scents of orange and vanilla, rose and lavender, or apple blossom for a splash of freshness, but experiment to find something that works best for you. Diffusers will keep the scent around with little maintenance, but candles add mood lighting as well!

Ever heard that thing about keeping technology out of the bedroom? Well, it actually has some merit! I tend to disrupt myself if I have access to my phone or laptop; it’s so easy to just pull it out and do something quickly. To avoid this, keep your tech out of your bedroom, and a notepad and pen nearby to jot down anything you want to remember.


Featured image is via Live by the Sea Photography.

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