New Zealand Does Exteriors With Charm - Ever wondered about what traditional homes look like in other countries? Heres a peek at ones from NZ!

New Zealand Does Exteriors With Charm


Although modern architecture is on the rise in New Zealand, in smaller towns like mine you will find a charming villa around every corner. There’s no place in the world that does villas as cute as ours, and today I’m sharing some of them with you to prove that a stylish exterior doesn’t have to be a contemporary one. If you like your exteriors a little rustic, these ones might be perfect for you.

Cherry Tree House
Villa Renovation
32 Rose Road Auckland
Loudon Homestead
Herne Bay
Grey Lynn
Gardner Home
80 Wharf Road
Coatesville Villa
Freemans Bay Villa Retrofit
The Feel Better House Tours
Havelock North House
Exterior Colours
Royal Tea House
Oxford Tce Heritage Renovation with Modernised Extension
80 Wharf Road
Renovations and repaints

Sadly, these lovely traditional homes are falling to disrepair as the focus shifts to building enough homes to accommodate the large number of people immigrating to the country. My own boutique town has expanded so quickly – but I have to admit that I’m a fan of the more modern homes that have been going into the areas surrounding our town. Plus, we’re going to get some more shops soon!


Featured image is via jessop architects.


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