Client Project: Mathieson Bedroom & Living Design - Some quick design direction for my closest friend!

Client Project: Mathieson Bedroom & Living Design


For fun, my sister and I agreed that I could come up with some moodboards – both as design practice, and to help her out if she decided to decorate her space. It was so much fun! We have pretty similar design tastes, but there are lots of things that we like differently. Today I’m sharing the two moodboards I came up with, as well as some insight into the things that I chose.


Mathieson Bedroom

For the bedroom, I chose a mix of soft and cuddly things with a pop of gold. She wanted a big pile of pillows, and I love adding slogan pillows and faux fur ones to a bed. It makes it inviting as well as giving it a bit of personality! We both like grey and its sedate personality so it was perfect as a base.

Briscoes / Typo / Benjamin Moore / Bassett Furniture / RHTeen / The White Company

Living Room

Mathieson Living

With the living space, I added in a few touches of kid-friendly items. The basket is perfect for keeping toy clutter hidden away, and I really adore the light fixture by Anthropologie. I used the same pillows in this room as I did in the other, because they’re so soft and fluffy and are perfect for snuggling into. She wanted a fluffy rug, and the Sato one by RHTeen is soft but not too fluffy (easier for vacuuming).

Land of Nod / Anthropologie / PBTeen / Sherwin Williams

I had a lot of fun envisioning a space where my sister and her children could play, but it would still be a space adults feel comfortable in. The best thing about design direction is that it’s still open to interpretation. These moodboards are things that she can print out or keep on her phone, and refer to it when she makes any purchases. Nothing has to be exact – as long as you love it, it’ll work!


I can’t find a source for the featured image, but it and more are available on the Pinterest board I made for this project! That includes the photographs that are in the moodboards themselves.


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