Water Features in Landscaping - Looking for something special for your landscape design? Try a water feature.

Water Features in Landscaping


One of my favourite moments in landscape design has definitely got to be water features. It’s not just the fact that they look cool, there’s symbolic meanings related to life and purification. A lot of people feel connected to water, and I know that I feel at peace when I’m near it – even when it’s raining! Today I’m sharing some beautiful water features to help inspire your own landscape design.

Parlette Residence
Custom Built-in Cored Stone Water Feature
Sensory Garden
Entry Fountain
Water Feature Design
Grand Rapids Exterior
Contemporary Patio
Eastern Influence
Eltham Project
Modern Outdoor Living in Sloans Lake
Water feature at night
C Killingsworth
Stunning & Luxurious Mercer Island Home
Residence - Kalorama
Cold Springs Farm
Forest House - Exterior features
A Sustainable Homestead
Urban courtyards
Stunning & Luxurious Mercer Island Home
On Show
Traditional Landscape
Traditional Landscape
Two Tiered Garden Entrance Fountain
Cortland Residence
Thayer Residence
Home Remodel
Canby Custom Residence
The Secret Garden
In ground spa
Chevy Chase

Humans are mostly made of water; maybe that’s why we feel so connected to it. Even if we never find out, water features are a stunning way to accent your landscaping. Try to keep your water feature as eco-friendly as possible to reduce any environmental impact.

Whether you choose a small fountain or an entire pond, you should definitely consider adding an element of water to your home. Contemporary spaces definitely have to be my favourite for water features. It always looks extra stunning!


Featured image is via Lifestyle Landscapes, Inc.


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