15 Luxurious and Inspiring Closets - If white backdrops and mirrors are your thing when it comes to closets, you might want to check these ones out.

15 Luxurious and Inspiring Closets


One of my favourite things to dream about is having a massive wardrobe where I can relax and play dress up in all the pretty things. I’d love to have lots of natural lights, big mirrors so I can see the outfits on, and plenty of storage for clothing, shoes, and accessories. These 15 closets are some of my favourites on Houzz. Maybe you’ll find some dream inspiration too!

Clean & Classic
Desco Master Baths & Master Closets
Larry E. Boerder Architects - Holloway
A House by 08023 Architects - Barcelona
Hamilton Residence
Maple & Gray Wardrobes
Palm Beach Home
Lane Cove
Soft Transitional Model
143 63rd St, Manhattan
TCS Closet
Master Closet with Walk in Safe
Mediterranean Revival Speculative Home, River Oaks

For now, having a walk-in closet is a distant dream. At least it’s good to have plans in place for if it ever happens! I’ll have to start building my clothing collection to more than a couple of drawers and eight hanging items. The colour scheme and framework all suit my current aesthetic, but a lot of these spaces would also look good in darker woods and antique glass.


Featured image is via Plum Builders, Inc.


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