The Snuggle Is Real - A fun fact: Cats are not aware that you are not a cat, they just think you are an idiot cat.

The Snuggle Is Real


Preferably not lions, tigers, and bears, but domestic fluffies and cuties! I love it when there’s a family pet in an interior design image; the space automatically feels so much more welcoming and homey when there’s a fluffy ball curled up asleep somewhere. There are people out there who don’t like animals, but I am not one of them! Today, I am sharing with you images that have pets included in them, to help you picture how your fur-baby may look in a space.

California Collected
Ann Arbor New Construction- The Cutcombe House
Upper Hay Lake
Southeast Portland Kitchen Remodel
2012 New American Home
Hip Bungalow
Colonial Farmhouse
dogs dream
Mission Bay Residence
California Collected
Living in a Nutshell by Janet Lee
Tusculum Residence
Canyon Barn
Hen House
The Blackwood Sleeper
Riverview Midcentury
Melrose Street, Newton MA
My Houzz: Artist home and studio overlooking Kangaroo Island
Contemporary Exterior
Designer Lounge Beds for Pets
Emma Four Panel, 32 inch Pet Gate with Geometric Design in Mahogany Wood by Eleg
Downtown Madison, WI Condo
Newport Beach Residence
Wendi Young Design
Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass Install at Contemporary Home in Washington, D.C.
My Houzz: An Antique Cape Cod House Explodes With Color
Family Home, Hampshire

Have you ever noticed that if you put comfy things in a place your pet normally sleeps, they will sleep somewhere else? Probably somewhere inconvenient, like on your chair the second you stand up, or in your washing basket on your nice clean laundry. Despite the many flaws that pets have, it’s so nice to have something fuzzy and warm to come home to. Butt-waggin’, chest rumblin’ bumbles of love!


Featured image is via Urban Home Magazine.

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