Defining Personal Design Aesthetic - The first thing you need to do when it comes to interior design is to figure out what your personal design aesthetic is!

Defining Personal Design Aesthetic


There’s so much inspiration out there nowadays that it can be really difficult to figure out what you really like. And since our tastes are constantly changing, in a few months time we could like completely different things! In spite of this, I think it’s really important to figure out the things that we like and dislike when it comes to our homes and the spaces we live in. Your surroundings can affect your mood and energy, so take the time to think about what you like and what you need to have around you.

My personal aesthetic is fairly minimal. I like a lot of white space, contrasting with black, and accents of metallics. I prefer the simplicity of modern style, but I also really love touches of classic accents. I don’t like clutter, and if there’s too much stuff in my space, I can get anxious and distracted. Today I’m going to share with you some things that match up with my personal aesthetic, and you can see here how that translates to how I want the blog to look and feel!

Maple & Gray Wardrobes
Bedroom Furniture
Grand London Residence
Grand London Residence
Roehampton Gate
Roehampton Gate
Chelsea Town house
Garden Road House
Residence at Turtle Lake
Our Projects: Kitchens
History is in the details
Greenwich Residence - Magazine Spread
Design Work and Art 2015
Natural Simplicity Master Bath Remodel: Chester Springs, PA
Highland Park Bathroom Remodel
Transitional Townhouse
Florida Home
Keith Avenue
Traditional Living Room
Photo by – Unknown
Westlake Village - French Provincial
Traditional Exterior
Photo by – Unknown
French Regency Chateau
Modern Barn®, Trajan

If you want to define your own aesthetic, start with two boards wherever you prefer to keep your interior design inspiration. On one board, place images that you like, or that have things that you like in them. On the other, collect pictures of spaces and things that you don’t like. Fill the description box with your thoughts. As you continue to save images and list your likes and dislikes, you’ll find patterns emerging. You may like abstract art, but only in colour. You may prefer farmhouse furniture, but only if it’s properly matching.

Don’t think about any ‘design rules’ – those are just someone else’s preference. Think only about what you like and don’t like! You’re trying to find an aesthetic that makes you happy (or however else you want to feel in your space). Try including things that aren’t interior design images – fashion, fonts, and even lifestyle items can affect your tastes and requirements! And remember that it may take a little time to narrow down your perfect aesthetic. It’s okay to take it slow, as long as you’re happy with your end result.


Featured image is via Maple & Gray, who are also July’s Designer of the Month!


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