20 Outdoor Living Areas Perfect for Summer - If half your living areas aren't outside, then you're doing something wrong.

20 Outdoor Living Areas Perfect for Summer


With all the 4th of July posts and picnic lunch ideas swirling around the internet lately, I’m having some major outdoor living cravings. It’s the middle of winter in New Zealand, and half the time it’s so cold inside that I double up on socks¬†before I put on my slippers. New Zealand has a big outdoors-y culture, and it’s one of the things I miss about summer. So to settle my cravings and inspire me for the coming warmer months, I’ve gathered some pictures of outdoor living areas to inspire me!

Past Projects
Backyard Installations
Suburban DC - Cahill Residence
Santa Ynez
Northwest Contemporary Home
Contemporary outdoor dining
Traditional Landscape
Outdoor Oasis
Outdoor Living Areas
Modern Residence, Delray Beach
Outdoor living
Bayshores Drive
The Lotus - Wandi WA
Napa Valley Residence
May 2016 Southwest Florida Edition
Bluegums, Frankston South, Victoria

The house I’m living in now doesn’t have much of an outdoor area. I’d love to put in a deck with a pergola, maybe some planter boxes along the outside and some comfy lounge furniture. It would be perfect for summer barbecues with cafe lights strung along the beams, or for Sunday brunch out in the fresh air! Now to just convince my landlord…


Featured image is via Katharine Webster, Inc.


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