Styles and Styling with Canopy Beds - Canopy beds. Do you love them, or do you hate them?

Styles and Styling with Canopy Beds


Canopy beds are definitely a furniture piece that I have opinions about. Canopy beds can be a great statement feature, but it’s so easy to go over-the-top. If that’s your style, there are definitely dramatic options out there for you! Personally, I prefer more simple and minimal styles (as I do with everything), such as a simple black wooden frame with a long sheer white panel draped over it. Not sure if you like canopy beds? Keep scrolling to find out!

mesa house
East 75th Street, New York, NY
Toronto Restoration
Eclectic Bedroom
Marin Showcase 2012
East Hampton Beach Cottage
Inverness Circle
While at Chil Design Group
Newport Heights
Coastal Luxe
Hollywood Hills Transitional
British Virgin Islands
The softness of Sherwin Williams
Fulshear Project
Hollywood Residence
CDA Interior Design
Hollywood Beach Residence
Barceló - Bed II
Suburban Luxury
Dumbo Apartment
Newport - West Bay Residence

Canopy beds are such a unique design statement, with an interesting and long history. They can make rooms feel lofty and large, or cute and cozy. As a bonus, most have rails thin enough that you can hang clothes off of them when you’re getting ready! Whether you need sheer curtains to keep bugs at bay, opaque curtains for privacy, or no curtains to simply enjoy the architectural features, there’s a canopy bed out there that’s probably perfect for you.


Featured image is via Tamara Magel Studio.


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