Home Offices With Cool Lighting


A home office is a functional place, but it definitely shouldn’t have simply functional lighting. From overhead to task lighting, choose things that reflect your personality and add a design moment to your work space. Since you’ll probably need multiple sources of lighting, it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with styles. I like something simple for task lighting, and decorative for ambient. I also love adding in a warm table lamp in the background to help even out the lighting in my room!

London apartment for LLI Design
Dogwood Lane - Westport, CT
The Elwood - Skye Estates
The MP Studio
Studio 11 Kiama
Sengkang East Way
Transitional Home Office
New Farm Apartment
Notting Hill Townhouse
Ninewells Development
Häusliches Arbeitszimmer in Weiß
Home office under the roof
Briarwood/Devonshire -  Hanover
A Place For Everything/ Mudroom
Residential - Transitional
Home Office and Creative Retreat

I also really need extra lighting in my kitchen. My family pretty much only utilises the overhead lights in my home, and only have two other sources! Luckily the majority of the house gets decent daylight.

Task lighting is really important in your home office. Inadequate lighting can lead to eye strain and headaches, and can even cause you to be sleepier. A good source of light, especially if you work with technical drawings, is essential. Make sure it’s something pretty and that it fits in with your decor!


Featured image is via Anna Carin Design.

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