Coffee Table Envy - These 20 people have cooler coffee tables than I do.

Coffee Table Envy


I like a simple and sleek coffee table, with minimal lines and a smooth surface. My current coffee table? I have two: one is a flimsy (and broken) piece in a nice colour, one is the complete opposite of my tastes and it makes me sad every time I look at it. More than just function, your coffee table needs to be a piece that you feel good about. It’s literally the centre of your room – why would you settle for something ugly or cheap? Today I’m sharing some coffee tables that I would love to have in my living space!

Springfield House - Adelaide
Modern in Montvale
Toorak Residence
Contemporary Home
living room
New England Contemporary Living Room
Fabulous Interior Designs, LLC
Sunol Modern Residence
Penthouse - West Hampstead
Bachelor Pad - Living Room
Living Room
Devonshire Park Residence
Glamorous Family Room
Living Room
DKOR Interiors - Interior design at the Bath Club in Miami Beach, FL
Murano Portifino
Brooklyn Brownstone
Bayshores Drive

As with all things, ask yourself a ton of questions before you make any purchases. Think about what your current coffee table falls short on, and what you find yourself wanting to change about it. Do you want something bigger, or something smaller? Do you want wood, metal, stone, acrylic? Do you need more storage, and do you want it in drawers or an extra shelf? Are you going to put your feet up on it, or forget to use a coaster? Is it going to be big enough for your space? Do you want to go for one table, or multiple tables? Do you want something more traditional, or do you want to go for something architectural or unexpected? Is it going to match the rest of your furnishings, or will it stand out awkwardly?

A quick tip on picking out the right size is to lay the dimensions out on your floor with masking tape. See how many times you step onto the tape, and try out different positions for where you want the table. All of these are factors that play into your coffee table selection. Otherwise, make sure to pick something you love!


Featured image is via Dallas Design Group, Interiors.

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