Inside Bathroom Cupboards and Drawers - The internet has made it easier than ever to have a peek inside the bathroom storage of other people.

Inside Bathroom Cupboards and Drawers


I love seeing how other people have organised their products and linens. Luckily for me, so many people are more than happy to share the inside of their bathroom cupboards and drawers on the internet, which saves me from having to snoop around in peoples unmentionables for ideas. I’m very pro-organisation, and I’m constantly looking for inspiration to keep my spaces as clean and tidy as possible, especially when it involves open shelving. Today I’m rounding up some of that inspiration on the blog!

Clasen Master Suite Remodel
Contemporary Bathroom
Clasen Master Suite Remodel
Redmond / Cottage Lake - Master Bath
New Canaan Bath
Beautiful Blue Waterfront Cottage, Martha’s Vineyard
Kentfield Residence - Bathroom Essentials
Storage-Packed Small Bathroom Makeover
Kitchen from Scandinavia
Contemporary Bathroom
Aristokraft Cabinets
Aristokraft Cabinets
Townhome in Roswell
Los Gatos Bathroom Remodel
Transformer Loft
Decora Bathroom Linen Cabinet
Small Space Bathroom
Decatur Loft Renovation
Kensington town house
Interiors: Contemporary Bathrooms
Traditional Bathroom
Lennox Gardens Refurbishement

Most people probably have a situation like mine – my toiletries are crammed into a plastic tray under my sink. It’s fun to be able to snoop around a bit and get inspiration for organising and storage, without the guilt or weirdness. Hopefully this post inspires you to get a little creative with your organisation and get a new system in place!


Featured image is via Chris O’Halloran

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