Elegant and Inspiring White Interiors - Scandinavian might not be my thing, but white definitely is. Beautiful spaces, here I come!

Elegant and Inspiring White Interiors


It can be difficult to find the perfect balance when it comes to white spaces – warm enough without being too cream, but cool enough without going too airy. Scandinavian white is one of the most popular trends in home design at the moment, and I have to honestly say: I hate it. There’s something about Scandinavian spaces that always feels like there’s no depth, like someone has simply shoved in some basic pieces and left them there. Today I’m sharing some of the white spaces I do enjoy; grounded, bright, and sophisticated.

Farmhouse Bathroom
Washington Street -1
American Revival
RES4 - Union Square Loft - Dining Room
Kitsilano New Build
Hyde Park Victorian
Hall & Sitting Area
Laundry room renovation
Transitional Kitchen
Solana Beach House
The Savannah Model at The Estuary
Town House
Shelter Island Beach House
Naples Florida
Farm Lane
Lincolnwood living
Jill Greaves Design Master Ensuite Freestanding Bath and Marble Shower
Miami Beach Historic Preservation
Surrey house
Transitional Living Room
Master Bath
Beautiful Minimalist Home
Highpoint Langley Residence
City: Hollingsworth Park
Architectural firm of Moulton Layne, P.L.  Florida remodel
long shore home

I really love white interiors. With just a few textures or colours, you can completely change the feel of a room! It’s a colour that always feels clean, but it can range from feeling warm and cozy to sleek and modern. If you’re ever having trouble deciding what to do with a space – go for white! Bring it in with wall colours, with bedding, with cupboards and rugs. And you can always add a bit of grey to keep it grounded!


Featured image is via Susan Glick Interiors.


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