Navy Blue Room Inspiration - Do you find most colour to be overwhelming or child-like? Maybe a darker colour like navy is your solution! PS: It wasn't for me.

Navy Blue Room Inspiration


In a completely un-shocking confession: I don’t like colour in interiors. I’m definitely a minimalist when it comes to my colour schemes, and usually any colour other than a neutral seems too jarring and bright to me. It can be troublesome to work in any colours other than black, white, and grey, but I’ve found that adding deeper colours and accents can be tolerable. I wanted to add colour to my living room and navy seemed like the perfect solution, so I put together some inspiration to encourage me away from my neutrals!

Pacific Palisades
Pacific Palisades
Pemberton Addition/Renovation
150 Lake Bend, Winnipeg
Midway House
Vintage Chic
New Home - Ground Up
Wicker Park Residence
Classic Contemporary
Blantyre Pl. Residence

Teni Panosian’s workspace is the perfect inspiration for my living room. A little bit of colour, a lot of white, and some neutrals and metals to help ground the space.

If I’m honest, colour makes me uncomfortable. It’s in my uncomfort zone, and it’s not something that I would bring into a space that’s just for me. However, the two other people I live with like blue and want to bring blue into the space. Sometimes you have to make compromises and wait to decorate exactly how you want to. But don’t worry, my next post is going to be on white spaces, so we’re back to normal.


Featured image is via Steven Ford Interiors.

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