How to Organise Your Cleaning Supplies - Not quite sure how to organise the hundred bottles of cleaning products you have? Here's some gorgeous inspiration for you!

How to Organise Your Cleaning Supplies

How to Organise Your Cleaning Supplies - Not quite sure how to organise the hundred bottles of cleaning products you have? Here's some gorgeous inspiration for you!

I love neatly organised cleaning products. There’s something about a tidy drawer or cupboard that makes me happy! I don’t have a good system in place for storing cleaning products, which is why I wrote today’s post. Too often we fall into the trap of keeping things we never use, and end up with 20 extra products taking up valuable cupboard space. These organised spaces are some beautiful inspiration to encourage a tidy and functional cleaning space!

2014 Collection
Urban Loft – Storage Solutions
Teddy Edwards Brooklands
Diamond Vibe Utility Organizer Cabinet
Laundry Room Organization & Storage
Laundry & Mud Room - Glen Ellyn, IL
Utility Closet
Aristokraft Cabinetry
Aristokraft Cabinetry
Divine Kitchens LLC
the unadorned laundry room
Kitchen & Pantry Accessories
Laundry and Bath

One of the staples in my cleaning collection is something I can spray on my pillows. I usually just use my Eau Roma water from Lush, because the rose and lavender are very soothing. If you want to make your own, Style Me Pretty has a quick linen spray DIY with a super cute printable label. It’s easy to find home made cleaner recipes if you want to make the switch from commercial!

There are five steps I suggest taking when you’re planning out your cleaning supplies organisation.

  1. Pare down your current supplies. Get rid of old items and anything that you’ve hardly ever used. I like to use multi-use products so that I’m not keeping hundreds of specialty bottles.
  2. Figure out what frustrates you about your current routine. Do you keep all your supplies in one area, but would prefer to have them close to the room they’re actually used in? Once you know where you want to store things, then you can figure out your organisation.
  3. Utilise containers to keep everything neat and tidy. Use airtight ones for things like dishwasher pods, and little drawer sets for small items and gloves. With containers, you wont be rummaging around and knocking things over, you can simply pull out the one you need and quickly find your product.
  4. Once your products are done, it’s time to organise your tools. You can get grippy holders to store things like brooms, mops, and dusters, and they’ll be neatly off the ground. For smaller bits and pieces like little scrubbers and sponges, store them in clear glass jars. You can even use those for decor!
  5. Audit your supplies every three months. Some things may expire, and you don’t want to keep them around to clutter your space. Other items you’ll realise you purchased and never used. You can move those to the front of your supplies or get rid of them. An audit makes sure you’re only keeping the things that you need and use.


Featured image is via Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens.

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